Jul 312013

 Barbara’s ColumnBarbara Eber-Schmid - Digital


We all live in a digital (electronic-based) world now whether we love it or hate it.  Living in this digital world can be wonderful and connective at times.  At other times, it can be overwhelming and confusing to say the least.  As the fast paced “Digital Pulse” of the world evolves so will the need to evolve our knowledge and understanding of digital topics.  This includes social media, mobile, video, the Internet, and communication in general.  Here is a look at what every women needs to know and focus in on from (NMI) New Media Institute’s Executive Vice President and Co-Founder Barbara Eber-Schmid.


Barbara Eber-Schmid is the Executive Vice President and co-founder of the New Media Institute, Inc. (NMI), where she works on media issues surrounding the Internet and other forms of new media communications.

She serves as a public relations/new media consultant/team leader in addition to a new media strategist.  She heads the social media and marketing teams for NMI and is its COO supervising administrative and business related endeavors.

Barbara is responsible for overseeing Facebook, Twitter and other social media connections both in-house and for clients. She also oversees the annual New Media Awards competition for websites, blogs, mobile and video/online TV series.  Social media marketing is a prime method for Awards exposure.

The NMI client base is diverse.  It ranges from such clients as a mobile apps design company, a political PAC group, a mid-sized commercial real estate and facilities management corporation to a high end hair products launch project.

Before joining NMI, Barbara was Vice President of CyberSecure Technologies, a full service IT consulting firm, serving small and medium sized businesses in the New York metropolitan area.  She was part of the start-up team. Her duties included administration, finance, client relations, marketing and public relations. The emphasis was on new media communications and outreach.

Barbara’s background includes several years of experience in producing televised live forums on CUNY Cable TV in NYC for civic organizations, development of national design competitions, conference planning on regional and national levels, urban planning and portfolio management.

Barbara has had extensive and diverse experience in the areas of integrated green marketing and funding including considerable entrepreneurial experience in green-related service and manufacturing industries.

Barbara attended Wheaton College (Mass.) and has a BA from New York University. She received an MUP and an MBA from New York University, and received postgraduate certification in environmental studies from the Royal Victorian University of Manchester (UK).