Jul 312013

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Numerology is a relationship between numbers and the everyday life path of a person.  Numerology can give you insight into current and future predictions of love, hopes, career, family and most important desires.  Your given birth name and birthday are no accident!  Have you ever noticed reoccurring numbers in your life?  Do you have a favorite or lucky number?  Accredited numerologist Linda Strausser will show you the clear and delicate balance between your charted numbers and life’s journey.  She details the number of each month and its messages and practical ways to utilize these messages.


Linda knows numbers are in your everyday life; significant in conscious or subconscious ways.  Linda began paying attention to numbers in my teens and became a numerologist.  She studied with Joan Siebinski in Arizona and The Windswept Center in Utah.  She was recently certified with Alison Bachmann in Pennsylvania.

Linda has worked in public sector for several years within the human resources, education, and accounting fields. She is happily married with wonderful daughters, stepsons and grandchildren.