Jul 312013

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Whether it is about children, education, animal welfare, disaster and humanitarian relief, human rights, heath, or needed social services, community support and awareness often makes the difference in understanding the issue, funding for research and helping to bring meaningful resolutions to the forefront.  Tracie Rampley is one of those people – she gets involved.  She puts her time, money and effort where she hopes it will do the best good for others.  Tracie believes we can always appreciate life more when we understand more.  She will highlight human interest stories to reflect you are not alone and increase awareness as well as share joys and celebration in making a difference.


Over the years, stylist, entrepreneur, and philanthropist Tracie Rampley has made a strong impact on her community by giving her time, energy, and resources to various worthy causes in the greater Atlanta region and beyond.

She has been particularly concerned with lupus and its effect on individuals, for her daughter was diagnosed at 15.  Tracie has advocated for increased funding and research opportunities for the treatment and cure of lupus and other autoimmune related illnesses.

She also helps Georgia’s at-risk youth through The Circle for Children which offer financial assistance and mentoring services to children in need.  In addition, she works with Locks of Love to obtain hair donations to create hair pieces for children with serious medical conditions including alopecia and cancer.

Being an animal lover, Tracie donates her time in helping to find adoptive homes for pets in need.  She also volunteers her time to her son’s high school lacrosse activities, enjoys travels whenever possible, and helps her friends and family with various decorating related tasks.

Some of Tracie’s favorite charities include: Lupus Foundation of America, The Circle for Children, and Locks of Love.