Aug 012013

 Lynda’s ColumnLynda Colter-Bergh - Economy


There are numerous and varied lines that run through our lives.  They are patterns, truths and principals.  Bottom lines are woven from facts, human consciousness, lessons to be learned and teachings to be taught.  As we come together to build businesses, these lines merge into cultural, practical, economical and ecological lines.  They are all influenced by and impacting our world at micro and macro levels.  Highly successful business consultant Lynda Colter-Bergh looks at connecting the dots and following them to see the patterns.  Unlike measurable facts, she believes truth is based on personal observations, experiences and positions.


I am a Practical Business Consultant, which means I work with businesses on their day-to-day struggles.   For the past decade I have stepped into start-up companies as their “right-hand-man.”   Because every business had different needs, I have first-hand experience in sales, marketing, operations and process improvement.  I help businesses identify their key differentiators, target markets, niches, sales opportunities, marketing materials, channel partner programs.

Working backwards from there, I owned a business, worked in the Presales Technical Support team for Hewlett Packard’s security software, built computers and networks, and was the project manager for one of the first Document Management Systems to be fully implemented in the country.  (Document Management was literally in its infancy.  In fact, I was told the CEO of that company actually thought computers were a passing fad.)

Today, I combine my diverse experience with my intuition to identify areas within companies that can be improved.  I can often help them increase their cash flow to provide funding for those changes by offering merchant services at a very low rate.

I pride myself on my ability to foresee potential issues, overcome obstacles, and create new avenues for income.  My biggest assets are my ability to network and create mutually supportive relationships with other business owners and to remove limitations.  When everyone else was saying “Think outside the box” is was asking “What box?”