Oct 292013

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“Conversations with My Mother” – Molly Skyar, mom of two young kids, faces the same parenting challenges we all do, but luckily Molly’s mom is a Clinical Psychologist with more than thirty years experience and an exceptional mom role model to follow. Together they tackle tough questions from readers covering all aspects of parenting with lively and opinionated dialog and a focus on how not to screw up your kids. In their mother-daughter/doctor-layperson conversations, they examine common parenting dilemmas such as handling behavior issues, discipline, marriage, divorce and separation, education, emotional issues, siblings, relationships, socialization and any other topics about raising kids. WVM readers are encouraged to send in questions seeking expert advice. Join Dr. Rutherford and Molly each month as they discuss how the parenting decisions you make today can shape your kids into happy and emotionally healthy adults.


Molly Skyar spent her career as a recruiter for creative and design talent in San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles. After having her babies she left the corporate world to launch “Conversations With My Mother,” –an online resource offering practical parenting tips and psychological insight into child-rearing– based on the realization that her own mother’s advice was still the best out there. Molly’s mother is Dr. Rutherford, PsyD, a Clinical Psychologist and expert in human behavior. Molly has a Bachelors in Science from the University of Michigan and lives in Los Angeles with her husband and two children.

Dr. Susan Rutherford, a Clinical Psychologist, has spent over 30 years treating adolescents, couples and individuals. She has her undergraduate degree from Duke University, a Masters in Psychiatric Nursing from New York University (MA), and a Doctoral degree (PsyD) in Clinical Psychology from the University of Denver. She lives in Denver with her husband and has two daughters and four grandchildren.