Mar 122014

Mary’s Column
Mary Occhino - Soul


When one is going through challenges in life – the loss of a loved one, economic instability, difficult relationships, or other hardships – we must never forget how to count the blessings we have already received from God or the Universe and live in the present with humility and gratefulness.  Mary Occhino, a leading psychic-intuitive for over 40 years, shares her personal understanding coming from being diagnosed in 1992 with Relapsing/Remitting Multiple Sclerosis as well as insights from her experience of working with people who seek her out with questions about their future, past life, relationships, business, medical intuition, and last but far from least… mediumship, which is requests to communicate with someone who has passed over to the non-physical domain.  Mary knows firsthand we must all Count… Your, Mine, and Our Blessings every day!


Mary Occhino is a world-renowned psychic-intuitive, author and radio host.  Known as irreverent and street-wise straight-shooter, Mary brought her gifts to the radio as the former host of “Angels on Call” on Sirius/XM’s Stars 102, and to the Syfy reality show, “Mary Knows Best.”

On “Angels on Calls,” she was known for her rapid-fire segment, providing more than 100 readings in less than 30 minutes.

Mary hosts radio specials on her Internet radio show, “Intuitive,” on BlogTalkRadio, conducts seminars nationwide and personal readings.  She offers guidance on relationships, health and family issues, career concerns and past lives. She also provides closure to those who have lost love ones.

Mary is the author of “Beyond These Four Walls: Diary of a Psychic Medium,” (Penguin-Putnam, 2004), “Sign of the Dove” (Berkley, 2006) and “Awakened Instincts: Seven Keys for Enhancing Every Aspect of Your Life” (Atria, 2008).

Mary’s gifts were tested by Dr. Gary Schwartz, director of The VERITAS Research Program of the Human Energy Systems Laboratory in the Department of Psychology at the University of Arizona and author of “The Afterlife Experiments.” Schwartz found that Mary is in the top tier of psychics worldwide.

Mary’s ability has also been cited in numerous books on psychic ability and mediumship.

Mary also uses her intuitive gifts by zoning in on, “Past Lives” and past life issues; “Relationship  and Career” direction readings and is also recognized as a world renowned, “Medical Intuitive” giving her clients ‘Virtual MRI’s remotely over the phone or radio as well as in person.” (But, Mary always makes it crystal clear that her medical readings should never be requested in lieu of a convention medical exam by a physician.)

One unique way Mary meditates is by making her own line of handmade jewelry; from Karmic Enforcer bracelets to Angels On Call bracelets to Energy Enhancing necklaces.  Mary also creates oil and acrylic paintings while channeling spirit energy.

Spiritual guru Dr. Deepak Chopra called Mary an “intuitive explorer of consciousness.” She was a regular of Chopra’s former Sirius-XM radio show.  Her motto is, “Visualization, plus determination, plus surrender, equal complete joy.”

A Brooklyn, New York native, Mary currently lives on Long Island.