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Today’s date is May 19, 2014 and it’s approximately 4:57 PM Pacific Coast time. I’ve just recently sent in the column I believed was slated for our Father’s Day theme for the June’s magazine issue. But my opinion on what the best story for Father’s Day and the month of June changed after a computer specialist came to the place I’m dwelling on the West Coast almost 3,000 miles away from where my family lives on Long Island to fix my computer. This is a computer that’s been more or less disabled and driving me as well as my client’s nuts for over for over 2 ½ months.

The fact is, everything changed!

WVM June 2014 Mary Occhino SOUL IMageAfter a very tedious, backbreaking, and exhausting move to California just a few weeks ago for the sake of rebooting my career, as well as my health and sanity – I found myself second guessing my instincts on the jumps I’ve been making because of sheer exhaustion due to all the bumps in the road I had to experience to get here. Now, we’re not talking small bumps – we’re talking Mount Everest size bumps in the road.

But today, I not only saw a sign – I met an angel – an earth angel who is a real person whom I believe was sent directly to me from my father to remind me never to give up and to also acknowledge I am on the right path, and that he had not forsaken me.

As many of my clients and Facebook friends are aware, I’ve been having major, astronomical computer and Internet problems with the sending and receiving of emails. The thought of even receiving an e-mail from the appropriate person at the right time was like asking for a miracle to happen every day since March 11.

As a far as my sending an e-mail and getting to the right source was like expecting Moses to part the Red Sea. There just wasn’t anything that seems to be going right when it came to communicating and responding to emails. Never in my career have I ever gone through such a harrowing experience, and if you weren’t on this end of the computer screen, it would be probably very hard if not impossible for anyone to believe the circumstances I had been dealing with.

Then last night I’d tried once again to send off many e-mail readings that kept coming back to me after my computer said they had already been SENTto clients who had requested them; as well my Angel Scopes to those who had subscribed to them and lastly the forwarding of my column due to Women’s Voice’s Magazine for the June, 2014 issue.

During the last three months I had at least four different computer specialists look at my computer to try to work on the problems it was having. Some problems seem to cease for a day or two and then come back in full force a few days afterward and sometimes with a few new additional viruses or mix up’s. I was just about ready to throw every computer out the freaking windows.

Then, last evening I asked my friend Christine what was the name of the person she used to update and clear up any computer problems she encountered. She gave me the name of someone named Paul and his phone number. Seeing it was Sunday late afternoon I didn’t expect this gentleman to run to my aid but was hoping I would at least hear from him first thing Monday morning.

But, I didn’t wait for him to call me; I called him early in the day and tried my best to explain what kind of extraordinary problems my computer was going through. By this time I thought it needed a neurosurgeon and not a computer expert.

As calm as I could possibly be I prayed silently he could at least try to fit my house call appointment in sometime today and to take a long look at the problem that had put my business completely at a standstill.

The kind voice that answered the phone made me feel certain this lovely man would absolutely go out of his way to fit me into his very busy schedule today. And he did!

But that’s just miracle number one!

As we know, it’s almost impossible to have a specialist come to your house let alone the same day or within an hour or two of your request. I love miracles!

Miracle number two… now we’re getting to the big stuff!

As Paul sat behind the desk my computer sat on, I felt a sudden sense of peace and calm you really can’t put into words. I knew it wasn’t just because I intuitively felt he would fix the computer for once and for all, no it was more than that. I sensed from him the same kind of feeling of security and safety I had only felt around my father when I was a young girl.

And this computer specialist was far from an elderly man. In fact he was young enough to have small children of his own. No, he didn’t remind me of my father in any physical sense but in an emotional sense he did and even coming from me… it felt odd.

We began to speak to each other as he worked diligently on clearing up any blockages on my computer, and I asked him about his accent. I knew it sounded Middle Eastern, and so I boldly asked him what country he originated from. Without taking his eyes away from the keys of the computer he responded, “Syria or the border of Lebanon.”

Suddenly, I felt a chill going down my back and a sense of peace going through my soul. I replied back to him that my paternal grandfather came from Algeria, and then I heard myself blurting out my maiden name, “SALIBA.”

Paul, our computer expert, turned slowly toward me and for the first time took his eyes away from the computer screen. I had been sitting on a chair to his right all this time, and as he began to speak his voice sounded distant and with a sense of non-belief, and he said, “My father’s name is Saliba!”

“What?” I said kind of freaked out.

“Yes,” he said. “That is my father’s first name,” and then he continued to explain that the name Saliba in Arabic means cross, crucifix, or what some Americans use for the name of Christopher. He continued to tell me that all those with the name Saliba in the Middle East are usually Christian or Christian orthodox.

Miracle number three… the guest house I am staying in is owned by a Greek orthodox woman. And on the left of my computer expert was an orthodox icon of Saint Michael the archangel that looked down on him the whole time he was fixing my computer. I let my new computer friend be aware my father’s first name was Michael also known as Michele.

Then Paul, my computer hero, went back to completing the cleansing of the evil and negative energy that had entered my Computer System in its entirety! Hallelujah!

But before he left he noticed, on a small shelf in the living room area as he was exiting, a little jade-colored horse I had bought not two days prior. The reason I purchased the little horse was because I felt drawn to it. That was the only explanation for it.

Paul then told me that little horse reminded him of a painting he was very familiar with of Saint George. In all honesty, although brought up Catholic, I had never heard of Saint George and told Paul of my curiosity. So, before Paul left for his next house call, he found a picture of my newfound saint on the Internet and showed me a beautiful painting of him.

When I looked at the painting I held my breath for a second or two, because when I saw was the figure of a man who looks like a gallant knight riding on a horse, it sent shivers down my spine once again for the second time that day. In the painting St. George was sitting on horse in the same exact stance as the figurine I had just purchased.

After our business had concluded, we were both smiling and took a picture together, so I could forward it to my family back east. We also were perplexed and miraculously delighted at the thought we were probably related somewhere down the line.

After Paul walked out the door, I directly went on the Internet and read more information about Saint George.

Here is the information I researched, and the signs and information I believe my father Michael Rene’ Saliba wanted me to know as a validation I was on the right road in life, and I had made the correct decision as well that he was and will always standing close by me.

Saint George is known as “Victory Bringer” and also the “Protector of Women!”
Daddy, thank you for sending not only a sign but an earth angel with our name to acknowledge the message was truly from you. And to all the other daughters and sons, whose fathers may have passed over into the non-physical domain, be comforted in knowing that in our deepest and darkest despair our fathers will always be our fathers and our protectors as well. And, they will always help us stand when we think we may fall.

Happy Father’s Day to all the dad’s still here in the physical. And a special Happy Father’s Day to all the daddy’s, pops, and grandpa’s in heaven. We love you, I love you, and I thank you from the very core of my soul.

Peace be with you. So long Joe!


Mary Occhino is a world-renowned psychic-intuitive, author of four books and more in the works as well as a radio host of several shows with her newest being Intuitive Intervention.  Contact Website Facebook Facebook2 LinkedIn Twitter Intuitive Intervention Radio Show

  6 Responses to “Three Miracles… A Sign from My Father”

  1. What an awesome article. I think we are often too busy to look for the signs.

  2. Awesome article, great inspiration. Side note, my son’s name is Christopher. 🙂

  3. My father passed three years ago and miss him terribly. Always looking for signs and never them out. Maybe until me now..his name is Joe too. L

  4. I loved reading this as I have many signs from my Father. He never fails to show himself when I am in need. He passed 4 years ago this past May 27 & I actually feel closer to him now then when he was here in the physical! Thank you for this article, Mary. Love you more!!

  5. Another good article pointing out all of the miracles that happen to us if we are open to receive them. It’s a lot of fun to make all of those connections. Great article!

  6. very interesting read Mary. My father passed away almost 3 yrs. ago. i believe that he is always with me as i was a daddys girl. Still to this day i feel he still protects me 🙂