Jul 212014



#YoungPolitics – It seems like just about everything has a bit of politics interjected into it in today’s world. This may be due to all of the major challenges facing the U.S. like deficit spending year after year, a huge national debt, a low economic growth rate, a prolonged high unemployment rate, a conflicted national security and foreign policy, a growing income inequality, and an illegal immigration crisis looming. It’s enough to make your head spin trying to get your mind around it all. Yet, America has survived and met challenges before in its history. The next generation always inherits the good and the bad. In this position is the millennials currently. Many politicians and pundits all too often portray the millennials with identity politics, an automatic voting block for a particular party, and defined by one or two issues they decide are the most important to anyone under 30. But what if we just asked #YoungPolitics and simply listened to them? What myths would be shattered? What workable, creative solutions would be proposed by them? Follow these young men and women each month as they express their opinions on current topics, without being put into an identity politics box. After all, they will be the leaders of tomorrow, if not today, in moving America forward!


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