Nov 112014

Kristin Rader - Soul

Kristin Rader – From Dream to Reality – Everyone has a dream… a deep desire that consumes every thought, every motive, and every action. No matter how big or small your passion might be, it’s the very thing that makes you a unique individual. Is there a dream you’ve had since childhood? Have you wholeheartedly decided to pursue it no matter the cost? Are you willing to pursue your dream and fulfill the necessary steps to make your dream a reality? Kristin Rader is known as a dreamer, and she made the decision to fulfill her calling. She will take you through her journey of success and share her deepest thoughts, struggles, passions, and goals. Come along with Kristin, a Contemporary Christian Artist from Cleveland, Tennessee as she goes from her dream to reality. Be inspired to reach for your dreams too, for Kristin knows you can accomplish them!

As a teenager, Kristin found herself struck in the midst of tragedy with the early death of her father and its effects on her mother. She is a true testament of God using the struggles of one individual to encourage others. Kristin earned a collegiate vocal scholarship and was given the opportunity to sing in multiple countries around the world such as Ireland, England, Wales, Bahamas, and Mexico. She is now a Contemporary Christian Artist from Cleveland, Tennessee. ContactWebsiteFacebookTwitterYoutubeFree Music Download

WVM Photo Columnist Kristin Rader