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Alonda London - Soul

“I have learned that success is to be measured not so much by the position one has reached in life as by the obstacles which one has overcome while trying to succeed.” – Booker T. Washington

We have all had challenges in life. And to reach success, many of us have had to overcome them. Martha Cooper-Hudson is no different. She is a woman on a mission to help others realize their greatness.

WVM April 2015 Alonda SOUL ImageMartha was born and raised in Ft. Pierce, Florida. She has been married for over 15 years to the love of her life Michael Hudson, and together they have two beautiful children Joelle and Mason.

Fearlessly, Martha has triumph over adversaries in her own life while remaining determined to uplift and inspire everyone she meets along the way. Martha has been called to Equip, Inspire, Motivate, and Empower women to live a life of great health, wealth, and infinite possibilities. For over 10 years, her message has been and will continue to be, “When you have a DREAM, PURPOSE, GOAL, and the WILL to Succeed no matter what, time doesn’t matter.”

Her company Women of Greatness hosts Life Coaching Seminars, Networking Events, Weekend Renewal Getaways, and Empowerment Workshop Events all around the United States.  After attending one of Martha’s events, women often feel their lives have been transformed.   They leave feeling empowered, renewed, and refreshed while discovering a deeper sense of what it truly means to be I AM.

Here is Martha’s story in her own words.

I have faced many challenges in my life, and one of the biggest challenges I had to deal with to date is the denial and rejection of my birth father. For so long I walked around without a true identity of who I was. Being denied by my father until his death was such a painful experience for me.

I was and am grateful to my stepfather for loving my mother enough to adopt her two fatherless children and to give us his last name of Cooper.

I lost a full academic scholarship to FAMU, because I failed every class my freshman year in college except Racquetball, and returning home to a family who simply said, “You will never amount to anything,” because you did not take advantage of the opportunity that was placed in your hands.

Having an alcoholic stepfather was torture. Not knowing when he was going to carry out his verbal emotional threats towards my mother was heart wrenching for a child to endure.

Yes, I’ve had lots of obstacles – overcoming business failures, having love ones hold on to your past, being a child of a single parent, raised in the projects, who only was able to go as far as the 6th grade due to life in rural South Carolina – I can go on and on.

I overcame these challenges by discovering who GOD says I am, by not allowing others’ opinion of me to become my reality, and by NEVER GIVING UP.

I became successful in every area of my life. I completed two degrees, built a successful business and company, married the most amazing husband, and, more than anything else, helping thousands realize their Greatness within.

How did I do it? I kept my VISION in front of me at all times through vision boards, screen shot on my phone, dream building, and surrounding myself with people who could teach and show me I am possible and that my purpose, vision, and dreams could come true.

I teach those who come to me they can overcome their challenges by:

1 Discovering what GOD says about them and building a personal relationship with GOD.

2 Stopping the living out the prescription of others for their life and living out the one GOD gave them before he placed them in their mother’s womb.

3 Not allowing the opinions of others of them to become their reality.

4 Becoming a success by discovering their gift and then giving it their all. Walk in your purpose.

5 Keeping their vision in front of them at all times.

The one regret I have is not really standing up for gift at an early age and pursuing my gift and purpose instead of living out what others wanted me to do. If I had to do it all over, I would have gotten my degree in TV/Radio and started Women of Greatness much earlier. I would have stop wasting so much time on what others thought about me and what I was doing.

Words of Encouragement:

When you have a DREAM, PURPOSE, GOAL, and the WILL to Succeed no matter what, time doesn’t matter. Always remember that Excuses and Purpose can NEVER exist in the same space. You either make the excuses or walk in your PURPOSE, but you cannot make them both.

Contact Martha on her website. Check out her book I’m Possible: Your Canvas and Personal Guide to A New You on Amazon. Connect with Martha on Facebook and with her Women of Greatness page. Reach her on Instagram and Twitter too @mcooperhudson.

Alonda London is passionate about speaking to women and encouraging them to lift up out of depression and rise up out of defeat and turn their mess into a message. Her company Alonda London Productions, a Media Network and Public Relations Management firm, assists clients in achieving their branding goals and objectives. ContactWebsiteFacebookTwitter