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“Be inspired to know you can eat delicious and wonderful food, and it doesn’t have to be a bad thing… you just need to get the right mindset.” – Tami Lindahl, CPT

Tami Lindahl is truly a fitness guru. She speaks about helping women to get fit with great love and exuberance. She has done it all when it comes to fitness from aerobics, to kid’s fitness, to being certified as a Biggest Loser Weight Loss Expert and known as LA’s #1 Health, Fitness and Weight Loss Coach.

WVM May 2015 Lynnis SOUL ImageThrough all of her adventures with Fitness, her real passion is working with Women over 40. She especially has a love for working with seniors.

When I first met Tami, she had just finished her first book, now about two years later, she has written another book to be released August 2014, “Eat and Think Your Way Into Weight Loss” which really focuses on one of her favorite topics… food and how to enjoy eating while still staying fit.

Tami Lindahl is an inspiration. At the age of 50, she is still working hard to educate and motivate women 40 and over that it is never too late to get fit and have a great time doing it!

How did you get into the fitness industry?

I was volunteering at the Senior Center 13 years ago. There was a woman teaching low impact aerobics, and they needed a sub for the class.   I spoke with the teacher and offered to sub. I enjoyed it so much I went ahead and got my certification in aerobics, and I continued to get more certifications in fitness. I love it!

Since then I have done personal training. I went on and got many certifications. Although I have worked with children, my real passion is working with women over 40. I went on and got my certification, and I opened my own fitness center focusing on working with women over 40

Why are you so passionate about women being fit over 40?

My passion comes from simple overall health and wellness. As we age, we lose bone density, and strength training is very important. I want to help women prevent or stop osteoporosis. I opened a gym for older women, because they are intimidated by the gym. I want women to be able to come into the gym and feel comfortable and motivated.

It’s important to stay active and to keep you cardio vascular system going. You don’t have to necessarily be winded to get in shape. You can ride bikes, walk, dance… movement helps the overall quality of your life.

There is also the social side of it. As we age, we don’t get out as much as we should. Working out in a gym with other woman is a great way to socialize. For instance, the women I work with also socialize outside of the gym. The women I work with gather and spend time with each other.

How do you motivate women to workout?

It depends on the person and where they are coming from. Some people see a picture of them and see how bad they look, or the doctor has told them they are sick, or they have a special event coming up. I try to understand what my client’s struggle is. Is it their diet, is it some emotional challenge, and is it the need for more movement?

Sometimes I will have my clients do some writing to create a vision of what they want out of their life. Other times I create excitement through food and delicious recipes. I show my clients the fun recipes that allow them to eat and still loose weight.   In my second book, I spend a lot of time talking about the importance of nutrition.

What are some of the common issues women have when trying to get fit?

I believe there are three main issues.

Hormones – I had a lady who used to be able to drink and eat whatever she wanted. She developed issues with her thyroid and female hormone issues. There are many things she can do, and one of them is to increase her exercise. Controlling your hormones is a big challenge, but with monitoring your food intake and increasing your exercise, you will feel better. I can’t emphasize enough how important strength training is a big part of staying well and fit after 50.

Backs, Shoulders, Wrists, Knees – I have found that as we age we can develop some physical limitations in our backs, shoulder, wrists, and knees. There are certain exercises you can do to strengthen these areas. Get a good personal trainer who can put together a good workout regime that will help you to strengthen those areas. They will design a program for you that fits.

Time and Money – This can be a serious issue, because women over 40 might still be caring for kids at home, balancing the finance for kids in college, or taking care of their parents. Investing in yourself is so important when it comes to your health.

My food program keeps your body in the fat burning zone. Managing your stress, pedicures, message, meditation, taking a moment to breathe; all of this helps to manage the cortisol levels. The thyroid issues get worse if you go all day without eating and calorie burning goes down also. Taking the time to eat smaller portions more often helps the thyroid to function better.

I know people doing strength training can increase the testorone and anti-aging hormones. Lifting weights is great for fitness. Zumba is fun, but strength training is really important.    I like to teach more strength than cardio.

Make sure you are feeding your body the right foods. Sometimes the body takes nutrients from proteins, and muscles don’t develop as one might expect.  I recommend working for an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening to replenish the body correctly.

Interval training is wonderful. Warm-ups are important and make sure you have the right shoes to support your feet and knees.

What is your second book, “Eat and Think Your Way Into Weight Loss” about?

My first book had all these secrets I shared with the world. My second book is about how important the mind shift is when it comes to staying fit. A mind shift is just as important as exercise and eating right.   How you look at dessert, candy, or any kind of food is important when you eat.

Begin to look at food in a different way. The thought process is so important. It takes practice to change your mindset. Some can do a complete 180 and never go back, but most people have to try several times to shift the mind set.

What is your definition of a Wellness Woman?

A Wellness Woman is someone who takes care of her mind, body, and spirit. She knows excessive exercising is not good, but she takes time to do strength training and cardio. She honors her body with the rights foods. She knows having spiritual practice or prayer is essential to her spirit and overall well being.

Tami has been in the fitness industry since 2001. Her certifications include, Certified Biggest Loser Pro(R), Personal trainer, group exercise, and lifestyle coach. Tami has owned her own fitness center, written 2 books, and took 1st place in the LA NPC bikini competition on the Masters 45+!

Tami is now facilitating one and two day workshops covering all the aspects of fitness… mind, body, and spirit. Visit her website today.

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