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I have friends who sometimes have parties at their home, and I get invited. Well, a few months back, I got invited to the Pampered Chef party my friend Kristine Gregory held at her home.

I really didn’t think I needed anything until I saw a post on Facebook. One of our mutual friends posted her regrets she couldn’t attend; however, she needed a can opener and asked if Kristine could order it for her. Yes, I said to myself, I need a new can opener too.

WVM May 2015 Shirley IMPACT ImageI really believe I would never have thought of purchasing a can opener if I hadn’t read that FB post. Many of you who have attended one of these types of parties already know I purchased more than that darn can opener.

A few weeks passed, and the can opener finally arrived at my friend’s home. We attended some of the same networking groups, so it was decided we would wait until the next gathering for me to pick up my order.

I couldn’t wait to get my stuff home. I had a need to use that can opener right away, but that was not happening. Well, this is where my first life lesson started.

The way I was operating, I was never going to open a thing with this new fangled gadget. I tried and tried and tried to open a can of tomatoes; it was not happening. It finally hit me; this can opener doesn’t even look like the old one, so why am I trying to use it the same way?

Then I got a brilliant idea, “Read that piece of paper that came with the can opener that has the word “directions” written on it.” Don’t you agree my idea was brilliant? WOW, it was the best idea for this situation. That can opener didn’t cut inside the rim of the can, it cut on the outside of the rim. I also had to go back to the directions, because I couldn’t figure how to get the can opener off the can, to get the top off.

Buying this can opener was a real eye opener for me about other life situations.

My next experience took place when I went through, after hours, to make a deposit in our local EVB Bank. It wasn’t too hard, as I remember it now, to get to that large cylinder thing, which I needed to put my deposit information.

No, it was not as hard as it was to figure out how to get into the darn thing. It looked very much like all those other self deposit apparatus I had used at other banks; so that’s how I tried to open it. I twisted the black tops on the end. In fact, I twisted BOTH of those black ends and got no results. I couldn’t believe this! I am almost 100 years old and can’t figure out to open this bank self deposit gadget.

About this time, I was really feeling kind of dumb. Know what I mean? How many times have you been in a similar situation, and it made you feel so small and brought your self –esteem down to zero minus ONE? How many times? I bet YOU have had at least one. Yes or Yes?

I don’t remember how long I stayed there fooling with that deposit cylinder that day. You know how it is when you have to figure something out, ‘cause it is not going to keep you from putting this money in this bank, this evening.

Yes, I did finally figure it out! This piece of equipment opened from the CENTER. Yes, the center, not at the end. Imagine that! I promise you it didn’t take me as long to determine how to get it into the bank. That timing was a couple of seconds shorter.

FYI, since that experience, I have been asking my husband to make the deposit at EVB. He doesn’t use those conveniences such as drive through self deposits. He always goes to the lobby. Smart man!

Life Lessons

1 When there is something new that comes into your life, do not try to understand it with old thinking.

2 Have an open mind.

3 If there are directions, read them. If there isn’t, ask questions or check it out on Youtube.

4 No one knows everything, including you and me. We are not suppose to.

I believe this mode of thinking can transfer to shifting and changing those things, (attitude, time management, self-care time and etc) that would improve the quality of our life. Yes or yes?

Until next time – peace, hope, love, and joy. You matter, right now, yes, this very moment!

Shirley T. Burke founded the Esteem Institute as a platform to offer transformational programs, classes and workshops to individuals and organizations who welcome personal and professional growth. In 2011, she was one of ten people to be named as an inaugural winner of the Boomer Magazine “It List.” She is a member of the National Speaker’s Association, President-Elect of National Speaker’s Association-VA Chapter and the ABWA -The River City Express Network and past-president of the Network of Enterprising Women.  Contact – WebsiteFacebookTwitterLinkedIn

Photo Credit –  Pampered Chef

  • Christine Myles Hasbrouck

    loved this – I am laughing…not at you, but because you remind me of ME!