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“Your destiny and purpose is to fulfill those things upon which you focus most intently. So choose to keep your focus on that which is truly magnificent, beautiful, uplifting and joyful. Your life is always moving toward something.” – Ralph Marston

Dr. Kishma A. George is the President and CEO of Kingdom Investments in Single Hearts (K.I.S.H.) Home, Inc., Founder of K.I.S.H. Magazine, inspirational speaker, mentor, playwright, producer ,and author. She is a Purpose Pusher whose mission is to inspire people to fulfill their God-given purpose.

WVM May 2015 Alonda SOUL ImageDr. Kishma’s work as a speaker and mentor is executed through the Women Destined for Greatness Mentoring Program in collaboration with the juvenile and school system in Kent County, Delaware.

Dr. Kishma is not only a visionary, but she an esteemed writer, director and producer of the inspirational stage play When You Have a Dream, in which she starred in a leading role.

Her diligence and passion for young women has been recognized in various newspaper articles, including the Dover Post, Delaware News Journal, Delaware State News, and Milford Beacon.  She was also featured in the Kingdom Voices Magazine, Gospel 4 U Magazine, K.I.S.H. Magazine, BOND Inc., and BlogSpot’s week spotlight “Fostered Out of Love.”

Our feature this month reflects how this phenomenal woman found God, and in that very moment found herself and her purpose. Here is her story in her own words.

I grew up on the beautiful island called St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, which the world calls Paradise. My life was not a paradise! I grew up with very low self-esteem, following the wrong crowd, and not having a vision for my life.

Early in my years in school, I had trouble comprehending certain subjects. Every summer I attended summer sessions until I reached high school. In high school, I hung around the wrong type of girls. I called them “friends” at the time. Our mentality was to be in the latest fashion – spend all of our money on our hair, nails, clothes, jewelry, partying, and not save even one dollar in the bank.

Shortly after graduating from high school, I relocated to Delaware to attend Delaware State University. I brought with me the same mentality – shopping, partying, and dressing in the latest fashion. I began to date a guy thirteen years older whom did everything for me. I thought I had the perfect life until I got pregnant! I was looking for love in the wrong places.

On January 1997, I gave birth to a beautiful healthy baby girl. After residing in Delaware for a year and a half, with all the drama going on in my life, I decided to take a vacation. I visited my mother in the Virgin Islands. I knew deep down inside, I wanted more to life but I thought to myself, “How do I come out of this?  Who will pay my bills and take care of my child?”

I didn’t think I could take care of my baby and myself, because I was unemployed. I remember asking my mother how to get out of this mess. I felt so stuck! I didn’t know who I was. She answered, “Only God can help you.” I thought to myself, “What kind of mother would give an answer like that?”

Two weeks after returning to Delaware, I received a phone call from a friend, and she invited me to attend church with her in Dover, Delaware. My life changed that DAY! In my journey with God, I began to find myself through reading the Bible and prayer.

I began to feel comfortable with myself. I began to love myself instead of looking to men to love me. I began to see what God saw in me. I learned not to wait for people to accept me, but to know God accepts me. God began to reveal to me my purpose. He lay in my heart to open a transitional home for young women aging out of the foster care. The home is not up yet, but God will make the provision.

When you begin to find yourself, you will begin to walk, talk, look, act, and think differently. I want to encourage you today.

Don’t give the enemy any reason to cause you to have low self-esteem or doubt. You are fearfully and wonderfully made by God. You are gifted and talented by God.

You have to learn to love who God made you to be. You have to believe that there is no one like you. Draw closer to God, and He will reveal to you who you are.

You are SPECIAL.  You are BEAUTIFUL. You are SOMEBODY. You are CHOSEN by God. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise.

You have to learn how to value yourself. You have to know your self-worth. God created you for such a time as this. Colossians 1:16 says, “all things were created by Him and for Him.”

I want to encourage you today to disconnect yourself from people who disrespect your God given dreams and drain your energy. You need to be around people who believe, inspire, and motivate you toward reaching your vision, dreams, goals, and destiny!

You have to guard your mind against dream-killers and distance yourself from the small-minded and negative people who want to pull you down. Having positive relationships, and the right people around you, will empower you to reach your highest potential in God.

Throughout all of the pain, struggles, and tribulations I endured, God showed me there is purpose in my pain, and He has a plan for our life no matter how people negatively label us or what they think about us.

I came a long way from having low self-esteem, being a single mom with no hope, and not knowing how I would provide a roof over my head to having a dream to provide housing for young women aging out of the foster care system. I am determined to see that dream fulfilled. Romans 8:28 says, “all things work together for good to them that love God.”

I want to encourage you today with the fact God loves you and has a purpose and a plan for your life. Don’t give up! Don’t lose hope! Continue to walk and seek God no matter what your life circumstances look like or how you feel right now. Remember you are truly destined for greatness, and there is GREATNESS inside of you!

Check out Dr. Kishma’s new book Bringing Forth the Dreamer in You with 9 Co-Authors, foreword by Les Brown, nationally known motivational speaker, and best-selling author, released in April 2015.

Bringing Forth the Dreamer in You is a compelling, inspiring, and captivating approach to releasing the God given dream and potential lodged within you. With penetrating insights, heartfelt moving stories, and testimonies, this book reveals real life testaments of personal victories of pursuing the call, vision, and dream on one’s life.

You can contact Kishma A. George at K.A.G. Enterprises and at K.I.S.H. Home, Inc.

K.I.S.H. Home, Inc. was founded out of the desire to make an impact in the lives of girls and women in Delaware, as well as those young women who are presently in, or have aged out of the foster care system. Dr. George worked as an Independent Living Mentor, and she witnessed the tremendous challenges of the aged out foster care youth experience of trying to find their way to a self- sufficient and stable life. A passion within her grew for these young adults and their future as she experienced their frustration in handling basic skills.

They needed a strong support system that would empower and encourage them to take control of their lives. They struggled in their transition of leaving foster care, because many were still attending high school and were not emotionally or financially stable.

Her dream is to open a 24-hour transitional home for young women presently in, or have aged out of the foster care system in Delaware. She wants to make a difference in their lives and make certain that they have a safe, successful transition to adulthood and independent living. She believes that despite life’s circumstances, there is greatness inside of you!

Dr. Kishma is truly a success and an inspiration to women. She has appeared as a special guest on the Atlanta LIVE TV Show, Life Talk Radio Show with Coach TMB, Live TV Show Straight Talk for Women Only, and The Frank and Travis Radio Show on Praise 105.1.

Empowered Women Ministries has recognized Dr. Kishma as Woman of the Year in the category of Entrepreneurial Success, as well as Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. / Theta Zeta Zeta Chapter for her outstanding involvement in the Greater Dover Community.

She was also presented with the Diversity Award (2013) from the State of Delaware / Social Services, The Authentic Servant Leadership Award (2014), and New Castle County Chapter of the DSU Alumni Association 33rd annual Scholarship Luncheon for outstanding service to the Wilmington Community and the Delaware State University (2014).

Dr. Kishma received her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Delaware State University and Honorary Doctorate of Philosophy; Humane Letters from CICA International University and Seminary. Her passion is to empower you through the Word of God, and inspire you to begin living your DREAMS.

Alonda London is passionate about speaking to women and encouraging them to lift up out of depression and rise up out of defeat and turn their mess into a message. Her company Alonda London Productions, a Media Network and Public Relations Management firm, assists clients in achieving their branding goals and objectives. ContactWebsiteFacebookTwitter