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You don’t think much about a bad credit report and credit scores until you need to apply for credit. When you have bad credit scores and a bad credit report, you are unable to get loans, or you get loans with a very high interest rate which can set you up for not being able to pay it back.

Most times you don’t even know what is on your credit report. Not knowing will stop you from knowing how to get a good credit report and maintain good credit.

WVM June 2015 Debra ECONOMY ImageA Good Credit Report is Like a Good Relationship

The way to achieve good credit is to have a good relationship with your credit. It can be a bit confusing, but repairing your credit history may not be as hard and unreachable as you think. Don’t give up! There are certain steps that need to be taken to get started towards having a good relationship with your credit report.

Are You a Goal Digger?

You just need dedication and a smart approach with your credit report and credit scores. Almost no one has flawless credit, so don’t feel ashamed. There are some tried and true steps you can take today for yourself and for your credit situation. A little work now can save you a lot of trouble and money in the future.

Deal with Your Debt

What drags down credit scores? In a word… debt. Whether it is old student loans, late payments on an account, unpaid medical bills, or a couple of credit cards gone bad, it is your debt. Stop feeling guilty about the money you owe. Take a deep breath, and sit down, tackle it head on, and come up with a plan.

Be Careful, Don’t Over Spend

You need to be very careful with your credit cards. Don’t spend more than you can pay back, and don’t have a bunch of different credit card accounts. Only have one or two accounts, and make your payments. This will help you not overspend and will also build your credit scores, month by month.

Pay Bills Promptly

Pay your bills on time! This is hugely important. If you have trouble remembering, use payment reminders or an automatic online bill system. Late payments will bring down your credit scores the quickest and will take away the most points on your credit report. Late payments on any accounts will absolutely wreck your credit report.

Know when You Need to have Your Credit Report Repaired

If you weren’t able to pay back your debt because of job loss, illness, and many other situations, and your credit report is a complete mess, you want to find out how credit repair will help you. There is a point and time when your credit report needs additional assistance, and you need professional help to get you back on track and get your credit report in order. Get the help you need sooner rather than later.

Debra Bigler has years of finance experience from working in international venture capital to now being an owner and consultant with BBB A rated Prime National Credit Repair, Inc. You can call 801-623-1566 or email her to get a free analysis of your credit report. She and her staff work daily with consumers, Realtors, mortgage brokers and loan officers in order to repair customers’ credit reports and raise FICO scores. ContactWebsite

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