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This was the inspiring question posed in the book, I Dare Me, written by Lu Ann Cahn.

Lu Ann’s book is based on a blog chronicling a year-long challenge of doing one thing every single day for a year she had never done before. Her “firsts” ranged from simple things such as going all day without coffee and seeing a movie alone to more adventurous activities like riding a mechanical bull and eating a scorpion – Yikes!

WVM April 2015 Maureen LIFE ImageShe explained that although she had a full life with a flourishing career, a loving family, and had gratefully survived breast cancer, she felt stuck and in a rut with no enthusiasm for the future.

With the encouragement of her daughter, she decided to start a daily blog about trying new things to stir up her life. The challenge ended up transforming her in ways she couldn’t imagine.

The many stories in the book are reminders of some basic principals in life.

While walking across the Ben Franklin Bridge instead of driving, she was able to see a whole new view, just because she traveled it in a different way.

Talking to a complete stranger who appeared to be homeless revealed the valuable lesson you can’t judge a book by its cover. And further, by really taking the time to have a conversation with someone who seemed to have nothing in common with her, she found they had a very special bond and most times people are more alike than they are different.

By having the courage to say “YES” to a new opportunity, the universe then opened up even more doors to even more opportunities than she ever thought possible.

I was especially touched by the fact Lu Ann’s daughter was the one who gave her the idea of “firsts” and became her cheerleader and support throughout the adventure.  Like her, I am the mother of an only daughter, and this reminded me of another one of life’s basic principals –we can learn as much from our own children as they from us if we allow them the space and respect to be their own person.

So much can be gained when you open up and try new things. You can meet new people, experience a new perspective, find compassion, build confidence, and most importantly, you open up to the world, and the world opens up back to you.

We certainly don’t have to do something new every day; but I know after hearing the stories in this book, I am inspired to think about how many new things there are to try, see, and do in this world.

I am also inspired to take on new projects, opportunities, and invitations I may have not in the past or not have even taken the time to consider. You never know what could open up for you by trying something new.

So, when was the last time you did something for the first time?

Maureen Keyte is a Certified Personal Coach and Professional Writer with a passion for helping others through life transitions in order to become the best versions of themselves. Her writing has been published in several regional and national print and online publications. She is also a grant and marketing writer for non-profit agencies and businesses that focus on empowering women and young girls. ContactWebsiteFacebookLinkedInPinterestTwitter

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