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America! A country once defined as a place where the streets were paved with gold… but never TIN!

The story you’re about to read is a true one about a women who for the sake of anonymity I’ll call Laila. I recall the first time Laila and I spoke. It was sunny spring day just about three years ago.

WVM July 2014 Mary Occhino SOUL ImageLaila’s phone appointment was scheduled for 3:00 PM EST, and as I do with all of my clients before a reading, I meditate on them prior to their call. And, this reading was no different.

While meditating on Laila, a woman I had never met in the flesh or in any other way prior to our upcoming call, I saw a mental image of her. In my mind’s eye I saw Laila as a very beautiful young woman with movie star good looks.

I sensed her to be highly intelligent and wrote down all my pre-reading messages on a notepad I use for all my clients. I also sensed she was most likely an entrepreneur and a very successful one at that.

“Great,” I thought to myself, “at least I’ll be speaking with someone who will understand any messages or lessons her angels or guides need to get through to her in order to make her life a happier one.”

While I was still in a meditative state before dialing Laila, I heard a phrase whispered loud and clear over and over again in my mind, “Tin Offering.”

Before that day, I had never used or heard the phrase tin offering before.

But instinctively I knew this phrase was a sign for me as well as a lesson I was supposed to pass on to Laila. Now all I had to do was figure out what the heck “tin offering,” meant! Luckily for me it didn’t take me longer than the first two minutes of our reading for me to figure it out.

You see, I intuitively understood just from reading her energy over the phone, before asking her a single question, Laila believed that when it came to her dealing with the opposite sex – the men in her life – a , “tin offering” was all she should expect, hope for, or dare to dream of from them.

This is America, a land where women should and can expect to be treated with the same respect and expectations as a man.

But, Laila wasn’t raised to believe this way. She was daddy’s little girl, and her father had always treated her like a diamond and respected her intelligence and the beautiful woman he helped raise with his wife lovely wife of over 40 years.

Laila never dared to tell her father how little she was accepting from the supposed man in her life, because her father was one of the best husbands ever, and her instincts told her what she was now considering as normal behavior from this man was far from what she was raised to expect from any human being… period.

Laila was raised as an equal to males. She was doted on with such extreme kindness and compassion from her father that most other girls she befriended could only dream their own fathers were a tenth of what her father was to her!

But although Laila was brought up to believe she was deserving of the best from someone, somewhere down the road it seems she unknowing allowed society (the society outside her home she believed said men are more valued than women and are in charge of all things sacred… relationships topping the charts – not something her father ever made her believe at any time in her life), along with her own natural insecurities – insecurities every human being has in them but most fight in order to stay grounded day to day.

And there were times when Laila would tell her close friends what her wish list for the most perfect relationship would be which included a man she hoped loved and cherished her the way her father did her mother. After she expressed her deepest desires to certain females, she would hear sermons from them day in and day out – sermons we must add were from a few of her insecure, jaded, unhappy childhood friends…

But, when we add up all of the above ingredients and influences, then stir them into our sub consciousness belief system in ourselves, we come up with the prescription that convinced Laila a “tin offering,” was worth it.

What’s a “Tin Offering?”

A father’s worse nightmare for his daughter that’s what it is! But, this is just a small part of the answer… you’re not going to get the entire answer out of me so quickly.


Because if I were to spurt out the answer right from the get-go of the lesson inside this story, the message may not stick inside the very core of your existence where I believe it needs to live. And to all the ladies as well as gentlemen who may be reading this lesson… this is one, if not the most important lesson’s women as well as all human beings of any age needs to understand!

I’m sure many of you who are perusing this column right now may have an intuitive inclination as to what a “tin offering” is, but for those who aren’t so certain continue to read on, and learn by Laila’s mistakes.

The example-lesson I believe will stay and last in your mind with regard to the definition of a “tin offering,” can best be explained by taking an imaginary poll!

Okay ready?

If we decided today – at a moment’s notice – to take a poll, and for the sake of this survey let’s imagine it’s just of males between the ages of 7 to 97, and ask them what they believed would be the number one gift a female would love to receive from a male, a female we must point out, that they (the male), deeply admired or were in love with.

The female could be anyone from a business partner – where there was no romance involved between the two just a tremendous amount of respect, to a daughter – all the way to the other side of midnight – a gift for someone a male is newly dating and is head over heels about – to someone they’ve been dating for an extended period of time – this would be someone they would actually acknowledge as their ‘girlfriend.’ And last, but never least, a present for their loving, loyal, trustworthy stand-in-front-of-a-bus-for-ya, wife.

(Sidebar info… for the sake of this example all males participating in this survey have no financial limitations in the buying of any gift for the woman he respected and/or loved.)

I believe the number one answer would be jewelry!

What kind of jewelry?

Well let’s begin with what I believe to be at the very top of the list and go from there. My chart topper would be…

Diamonds– the first choice on the male’s gift list to the woman he is gifting. And, diamonds as most men and many women consider… ‘Are a girl’s best friend!”

Yep, my intuitive, virtual- poll would put a diamond gem as the ultimate number one top-notched piece of jewelry a male would purchase for a woman he valued in his life. (And the reason not being because he had to buy her love, but because he respected her and he believed, one… he could afford the extravagant purchase and two…he believed she deserved the best from him.

After diamonds coming in at a close second would be jewelry made of precious platinum! Coming in at a very respectful third would be… gold! Fourth on the survey… silver! And last but far from least would be the newest rage in cool looking designer jewelry… titanium!

But nowhere do I believe in this virtual survey of men being polled on the perfect gift a woman would want to receive from a man – and I am certain of this beyond a shadow of my intuitive self- would any male no matter what age demographic – present a gift to a woman made of TIN. No way, no how do I believe a man would intentionally bestow on a woman a man deeply cared for, respected or one he wanted to be around for a long time to come.

Of course there is always an exception to any rule… a gift made of tin would be appropriate if the male knew beforehand the woman he was buying the gift for adored jewelry made of tin! Then, my friends we would have a winner!

But the lesson and story you’re reading actually has absolutely nothing to do with any vain or expensive materialist articles. It especially has nothing to do with purchasing anything from a high-priced jewelry store.

This is a story-lesson on HOW WE VALUE OURSELVES AND HOW WE SOMETIMES ALLOW ANOTHER TO UNDER-VALUE WHO WE REALLY ARE!  And, the lesson is for us to remember how our father treated us and not to accept less from any other male! And Laila’s father was as perfect as a dad could be!

Do I have your attention now?

During our reading I saw Laila had been kind of dating a young man for over a year… at least she thought she was, a certain well-breed, well-educated single man. A man that in the beginning of their make-believe relationship would call her once a week for the first 3 weeks, but he would text her almost every day.

And for me, I intuitively believed this is just a way for him to keep her on the hook in case he actually wanted to take her out one day or possibly marry her down the long never ending road. And to boot, they never went on a date unless she thought of a reason for them to get together!

Something her female friends told her was necessary to do in the 21st century to hold onto a guy! Not so!

Laila had not given me any of this information. The fact was she had hardly said more than fifteen words… I just told her what I was being shown from the universe and whom I believe were her angels.

The hardest part of this reading for me was not shouting from the very beginning from the top of my lungs, “He’s not dating you – he’s making you think he’s dating you! And, you’re falling for it… And better yet for him… you’re accepting the crumbs he throwing at you!”

That was it!

It wasn’t crumbs he was throwing at her. He was giving her “Tin Offerings!”  That’s what tin offerings meant! Her angels and guides wanted me to tell her and for us to pass on to all!

A tin offering is a not a present at all or an offering. It’s a disrespectful way of giving someone just enough of anything not to make them look elsewhere be it in a relationship, friendship, or business.  And many people accept them, because we feel a tin offering is better than no offering or relationship at all!

Not true.

For other females, those like me, who like Laila, had a father who adored her although they could be tough at times… remember, they would never want us to accept less from life from anyone… especially from another man. We should always remember and teach our daughters and granddaughters we deserve to be treated like diamonds… the way our father’s nurtured and loved us!

I’d like to take this time to say a big thank you to my dad in heaven for showing me from the first time he held my little finger in his big strong hands, how a man is supposed to love, treat, and respect a woman.

Oh, and there is a happy ending to Laila’s story.

Laila dumped her make-believe boyfriend after she understood the message from her angels on not accepting another tin offering from him or any other man.

She finally understood that if someone truly cared and respected her, he would treat her no less than her father treated all the women in his life. And she understood the right man will treat you like diamonds, even if they don’t have a dime to their name!

Oh, and Laila coincidentally also invested in a jewelry company that’s doing extremely well and is now engaged to be married to the man of her dreams who valued her soul from their very first meeting! And the icing on the almost wedding cake is… Her father loves him too!

Thank heaven for little girls, and thank God for the good old United States of America – a nation that allows all people – yes, women included – to have the “FREEDOM” to choose whatever and whomever we want from life and to expect to be treated as a precious commodity!

Let Freedom Ring throughout our great land as well as in your soul!



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