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One of our own worst enemies is what we call FEAR- “False Evidence Appearing Real.” Fear is an emotion attached to our thoughts about an experience that can have a debilitating grip on our ability to move forward in life.

As we move out of winter hibernation, there is a strong pull to Spring Clean. Not only do we have the opportunity to clean our surroundings, we can also Spring Clean our internal homes.

Why is fear such a powerful emotion that can rule our lives? Why do we struggle to move through it?

Eileen March imageWe grow up influenced by people, the news, should’s, have to’s; and, very seldom are we encouraged to be who we are. Therefore, we develop fears of saying NO, setting our personal boundaries, speaking our truths, honoring our own opinions and thoughts; fear of failure, success and being different.

Spring is a time of renewed growth and blossoming. We plant the seeds in the fall, and they germinate over the winter to produce freshness in the form of beautiful flowers and produce from gardens.

Everything can represent a symbol in life, and the Lotus flower is a perfect example of how we can be in ‘muddy waters’ and still become a beautiful manifestation of who we are.

In order to transform FEAR into a positive experience, it is important to understand the principles behind moving up the scale of emotions. The Lotus flower is about life, clarity, passion, strength, victory and grace.

When you actively practice letting go of fear with the intention to replace it with another emotion or feeling, you can shift your fears into a blossoming of your own strength and resolve.

Have you lost your passion for life because of fears?
Is your faith in the possibilities of being yourself diminished?
Do you feel disempowered because you fear speaking up?

Would you like to feel energized and renewed by removing fears?
Can you birth a New You in this New Year that will honor who you are?
Will you become your authentic self and stand strong in setting your  boundaries?

Life is a beautiful tapestry of the colorful explosion of the blossoming of life itself, in the flowers that bloom, in the potentials of our own growth, and in the ongoing ebb and flow that nature provides from year to year.

We too can move through the heaviness of winter into the breath of fresh air of the spring to find our soul song and sing like the birds when they find their way back home.

4 Ways to let go of Fear and Spring Clean your Inner House

1 Setting Your Boundaries

Teaching others how to treat you is one of the most important ways to feel heard and understood. Pick one area of your life where you feel others do not respect you or walk all over you.

For a week don’t take personally any attack you feel is happening. Respond as an observer and state your true feelings. A great phrase to use is, ‘hearing _______(fill in the blank), feels _____ (fill in the blank). In the future please say/do _______(fill in the blank).’

Example: hearing ‘you can’t do that,’ feels disempowering. In the future, please say, ‘I believe in you.’ (When you say your statement, come from the heart center and end with a Thank You).

Note: notice there is no personal pronouns used. The other person will not feel attacked, because they have been left out of your statement.

There will most likely be a pause from the other person while they reflect on the feelings that were expressed.

This is normal as it is breaking through their ego, and you are approaching them with strength. Over time, they will respect you standing in your power, and you will find communication becomes much more pleasant.

2 Understand Your Anger

What you may not realize is that when we are angry at others or at life itself, it is reflected in our fears. Without anger, there is no fuel for fears. Anger has its place and can be used with our will to move through a negative experience.

However, learning to know when your anger is causing the very thing you don’t want to be happening will help you to rise above your fears.

Being angry and taking positive steps to resolve a situation that caused that anger is out of love for you.

When you are angry you did not get that promotion, you may fear saying or doing something that could help you get a promotion in the future.

If you are angry that someone treated you poorly, you may fear telling them how you really feel and stew for days, months, or years keeping you in a state of stress.

Practice observing your anger, and then use constructive tools to express your truths.

3 Accept that Change is Positive

You may be traveling your life’s journey feeling the outer world is against you; and there is so much hate, tragedies, and unfairness, you have not noticed your own place within this world.

Take some time to be honest with yourself and ask, “What can I change that will make a difference in my life?” You will benefit by turning the pointed finger towards yourself, rather than pointing outwardly and blaming others for your fears.

Change can be hard, but if you look at what is not working because of fears and then ask yourself, “What I can do different today to overcome this fear,” you will be taking the first step towards the new, empowered you.

4 Be Willing to Let Go of the Past through Forgiveness

You may have had some past experience where you acted out because of fear, and it still haunts you today. Practicing forgiveness both for yourself and the other person/people will free you from the past.

Forgiveness is best done using the words, “Please forgive me,” rather than “‘I am sorry.” The reason for this is language appeals to the emotions. In using the first phrase, you are asking for forgiveness, so the apology can appear sincere.

When you start using ”Please forgive me,”’ you will notice a difference in how you and others will respond. There will be a sense of relief, a weight lifted off your shoulders. The receiver will feel a true sense of apology, letting go of any barriers for resolution.

Eileen Bild has been coaching and guiding people for over 20 years. She has obtained a Masters in Transpersonal Theories and Practices, is a Certified Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Writer and Producer/Videographer/Photographer. ContactWebsiteFacebook 1Facebook 2LinkedInYoutube

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