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April Showers bring May Flowers is a rhyme that has been taught in early childhood to young children.  This is a poetic poem which means sometimes the smallest things bring goodness in the next season.

And for those of us who live on the east coast of the United States as I do, this new season is the season of flowers, sunshine, and warm breezes.  Spring couldn’t come soon enough, especially after the brutally cold winter we’ve just experienced!  The harshest winter recorded in twenty years.

It seemed that every day this winter when I went on my computer and Googled the local weather report, it said something like this…

Yet another weekend storm is taking aim at the East. The storm will bring rain to most areas.  Freezing temperatures and heavy snow is in the forecast.

Rain will drench the cities, flash flooding may ensue, saturated and streams running high thanks to the 1 to 3 inches of rain that may fall in many places.

wvm april 2014 mary SOUL imageEnough!

Enough negative weather and enough negative feelings that may have gone along with the negatively cold forecast.

On the other hand, this childhood rhyme can also make us aware the smallest thing we do can also bring sadness and negativity in the next season… that is only if we allow it to!

How you ask?  Easily, by allowing a negative thought, feeling, word, or action to become a part of your life or the lives of those around you – namely your children.   And, whether you’re conscious of it or not, I’m almost certain most of you may have actually partaken in one of the aforementioned negative-stimuli mentioned today… and more than once to boot!

A negative-stimuli may be something as simple as an unconscious thought you may have felt about yourself.

Take a moment and think about just how many times today you may have said or thought, “I can’t” or “I don’t feel it happening for me!”

Also, think about how long or how often you may have listened to a negative conversation spoken about someone else!  You see, being on the receiving end of a conversation – the receiving end of someone else’s negative actions – can and will taint your energy and soulful forecast.

Another thing you may be doing unconsciously that can bring negativity to your new – Breath-of fresh-air season – is feeling panicked or anxious about someone you’d like or wish to be romantically involved with!

These are all negative stimuli.

And, please keep in mind it’s much harder to cleanse yourself of negative stimuli than you ever thoughtit could be.  A little bit of Kosher Salt or Sea Salt won’t do it.   Nor will the burning of sage do it!

In fact, Einstein said it takes 11 positive stimuli to offset one negative!  So, today for every negative or worrisome thought that may enter your consciousness, remember you’ll need at least 11 positive ones to counteract that ONE NEGATIVE.

This spring create your own spiritual forecast for your life not just for a season.

And as we get ready to welcome this wondrous spring season into our lives – a season commonly acquainted with the renewal of life; not just by one’s faith but also with one’s consciousness, make a concerted effort to spread the seed of good will, noble thoughts and a natural sweet, kind behavior.  And spread honorable behavior not only towards other but toward yourself.

For those of us who are lucky enough to have children in our lives, please keep in mind our youngsters are just beginning to discover the world.  There is an innocent sense of wonder about them, and they perceive the world and the actions of their mentors very different from the world adults live in.  We are responsible for planting the seeds of conscious stimuli in their lives as well as for our own.

Children are pure and react to their senses and levels of their natural and nurtured spirituality.  This can be an unfortunate situation for some children already who may have been already subjected to an adult’s fears and anxieties but one that can be correct by changing the rhythm of the life they are taking note.

So teach yourself, as well as your children this spring how to create a positive – sun shining forecast for their life!

Think  happy thoughts, see yourself joyful and secure.  In doing so you’ll plant uncountable seeds for a wondrous, contagiously virtuous forecast for years to come!

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  1. I’m so glad you have joined the WVM team! The article offers sound advice that bears repeating…often. In my opinion, flowers are the best reason Spring is a wonderful time to develop a more positive sound-track. After all, who could possibly be negative when a lovely daffodil is smiling at you?

  2. Great advice! Thanks

  3. So happy to be able to read your column every month. You have been missed!! Love you more

  4. This is psychic-intuitive MaryRose Occhino. I would just like to take a moment to thank all those at Women’s Voices Magazine, especially its editor-in-chief Brenda Krueger Huffman, for welcoming me with not only open arms but with endearing souls with my monthly column, “Count Your Blessings!” Thank you ladies for your graciousness and warmth. And, as an intuitive I am not only speaking as a new friend but as a psychic intuitive who has had the ability to sense true goodness from the day I was born. Again I thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to share a small part of myself with you and your readers every month and I am beyond-the-moon overjoyed to say I too am now part of your magazine family.
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