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Contibutor Harbeen Arora April 2016

By Dr. Harbeen Arora

As I speak with women from all corners of the world, I am reminded of the intrinsic interconnectedness of humanity and the divine bonds of sisterhood.  I hear the heartfelt desires of women worldwide.

We are indeed created and designed to lift, love, and support our fellow beings of humanity.  Within our core we are drawn to each other with compassion, acceptance, forgiveness, and love.

Harbeen Arora Creative LivingAs women, we need to discover our personal strength and believe in ourselves with utmost positivity.  We must have enduring faith in our own ability to be all we want to be.

We need to value ourselves and all that we bring to humanity with the innate values of hard work, patience, endurance, and heart-centered nurturing.

These precious values are needed more today than ever.  Our world is afflicted by strife and mistrust, and we are needed more than ever to uphold the sacred task of restoring balance and harmony.

As women, we know from eons how to keep families together and how to celebrate the uniqueness of each.  We can bring these energies of confluence and creativity to the family of communities, cultures, creeds, and countries that our world is blessed with.  With these strengths and powers at the core of our being, we can reach anywhere we aspire to.

Along with this self-confidence in our own Shakti, the Hindi word meaning “Divine Energy,” we as a sisterhood can come together to create the collaborative support systems, the collective Shakti, through Shakti Bandhan (the “Sacred Bond of Divine Energy”) with our sisters.

Let’s make this collaborative spirit with our sisters a most supreme value to inculcate and embody.  Even in the world of business today, those who connect and support one another will out succeed those who don’t.

As we stand by other women as soul sisters in a spirit of sisterhood across cultures and countries, we can never feel alone or disempowered.  In fact, we can be ALL we want to be.  The talents and connections from our collective self will bring us new unimagined and infinite opportunities.

So let’s join our hands and hearts to embrace ourselves, our sisters, and Mother Earth and walk as the Goddesses we were meant to be.  ALL Ladies League (ALL) is excitedly preparing for our annual event, the Women Economic Forum (WEF).  It will be held in New Delhi, India on May 16-21 2016.

WEF is an annual global event hosted by ALL Ladies League (ALL), the world’s largest league of women.  ALL is an evolution of collaboration, fostering women’s economic empowerment, leadership, and love with an all-inclusive global community of over 20,000 members.  ALL has 450 global chapters spanning 75 countries.

Our overarching objective is to exponentially enhance women’s economic progression and leadership skills and to become active change agents in all spheres of self and society.

The Women Economic Forum (WEF) is more than just a “conference.”

WEF is part of an international movement of women’s empowerment and leadership.  It is a diverse and powerful forum representing the global gathering of heart centered women uniting with a common goal.

Our common goal is to love ALL and serve ALL with energy and force the world has never known.

WEF represents the coming together of collective minds, inspiring life stories, talents, and resources expressed in the spirit of relentless positivity and generosity.  We will cultivate invaluable business ideas and partnerships as well as embrace the genesis of life long bonds of sisterhood.

We gather to move ideas, inspire creativity, let our voices be heard, and to rise united and uplifted.  WEF creates the feeling of oneness to nourish and strengthen the unique feminine perspective and expression of the conscious woman.

This interconnectedness of women worldwide and their determination to contribute positively are essential in making the world a better place permeating peace, happiness, and economic wellbeing for ALL.

Infused with relentless positivity, our vision for the world shines brightly.  When one falters, our collective feminine energy responds in kind.  We are a collective force determined and focused.

With our mighty armor to Love ALL and Serve ALL, we are an unstoppable movement positioned to be true harbingers of global change.

The goal of the Women Economic Forum is for all women through education, united interests, and partnerships to make themselves completely economically independent.  We strive for women to be dependent on no one but themselves for their wellbeing and survival.

This provides freedom from any abuse or oppression advancing the progression of their personal and professional growth.

The WEF agenda will encompass a broad scope of 28 themes, shared within 408 sessions.  Themes include the following and more!

Global Business Development


Start Ups



Social Empowerment

Personal Leadership


Conflict Resolution



Peace & Spirituality

Fashion & Lifestyle

Music & Arts

Health & Fitness

The primary aim of WEF is to raise the collective consciousness of society towards the cause of women and their upliftment and integration as equal partners in economic growth and development of their own selves.

WEF will provide opportunities to expand your business and increase your global influence through networking across borders with invaluable collaboration.  You will be inspired by some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, authors, speakers, ambassadors, thought leaders, and celebrities.

This forum is what the women of the world are seeking.  It will serve as a beacon of hope and encouragement for women’s empowerment as well as to provide the launching platform for many budding businesses.

It will also offer the blissful blossoming of life long bonds of sisterhood.

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Dr. Harbeen Arora is Global Chairperson of ALL Ladies League and the Women Economic Forum.  Dr Arora is also Chancellor of Rai University, where she is committed to inclusion and innovation in education through philanthropy and pioneering initiative.  She is the author of the book “Creative Living: Discovering your Beautiful Path and Lifestyle toward Happiness and Wellbeing.”  ALL WebsiteWEF WebsiteFacebookInstagramLinkedInPinterestTwitterYouTube