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Angela Schaefers “Stories Matter. Yours. Mine. Theirs.”

Don’t take anything personally. Nothing others do is because of you. What others say and do is a projection of their own reality, their own dream. When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you won’t be the victim of needless suffering.” – Miguel Angel Ruiz

I LOVE social media! I love the vastness of the digital world we have access to today. For me, the best part of it all is being able to connect with friends, family, and colleagues near and far.

WVM July 2015 Angela IMPACT ImageI enjoy connecting with someone I met through an event or travel, or who I’ve been connected to via social media and have yet to meet in person but have built a wonderful relationship with. Yet, I can (and do) step away from it when needed is a great benefit.

We can all choose to be our true selves via social media (sometimes even bringing the shock factor), or we can hold back a bit and not say what we really mean and not express our true thoughts. The beauty in it is it is our choice and one for others too.

I have moved towards accepting people where they are at, and that often means accepting their strong opinions, challenging online behaviors, and sometimes their rants about one thing or another.

I am free to be me and okay with others being themselves. I know from experience that if someone has a social media post or email that stirs up negative feelings and reactions in me, it is about me, not them.

I have learned to take these opportunities to reflect on what is being stirred within me and what I need to learn from those feelings. I realize that my own thoughts shared sometimes create uncomfortableness for someone else. This may challenge some people; however, that too is up to each individual to learn from or not.

Acceptance is a big thing in our world, perhaps now more than ever when people can and do express varying opinions via the digital world. I practice acceptance knowing peace is only possible when we don’t expect others to see the world as we do or conduct their lives as we do.

If people are not hurting others or creating conflict, there really is nothing wrong with their feelings and thoughts being different than mine. We can only control our own actions and thoughts. While we can influence others, we ultimately have no power over what they think and do, and vice versa.

Here are 8 questions to ponder in our digital world.

1 How do you create balance with the digital world versus the in person world?

2 Do you find yourself lost in social media?

3 Does social media allow you to be more of the person you really are?

4 How has the digital world helped or hindered your life?

5 Do you think social media and the digital world as a whole is too personal?

6 Does the digital world help you in your career and make it easier for you to connect with your clients?

7 Are you accepting of others even when their opinion does not match your own?

8 Do you expect others to buy into or go along with your own thoughts and opinions?

Angela Schaefers is a speaker, writer and producer and host of Your Story Matters show. She speaks as keynote for organizations and at events and speaks to groups to inspire them.  She is a TEDx speaker – Your Story Matters Creating Connection & Collaboration Through Sharing Your Story.  Angela is author of Your Story Matters You Matter, A guide to healing, learning from and sharing your story.  She has also co-authored several books, writes for online publications and blogs.  She has previously counseled families, couples, children and individuals, and has provided career and personal development coaching.  She has worked with and consulted with various non-profit organizations, government entities and the corporate sector.  ContactWebsite Books

Photo Credit –  Stuart Miles