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What is ‘music?’  The dictionary defines music as vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion.

Music has always been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.  I can remember singing the song Moonlight Bay with my first foster father Goble Blake when I was just little kid.  I can remember being recruited into my Catholic School Choir when I was in 6th grade, because I was told that I had a nice loud voice and believing that we “Climb Every Mountain ‘til we found our dream.

I can remember singing with my Senior High School Chorus as we reminded one another to Lean on Me when we weren’t strong enough to do it on our own.  I can remember singing with the U.S. Navy’s Bluejacket Chorus in Great Lakes, Illinois, when I enlisted in 1975 and continuing to sing at every opportunity I had with my shipmates in boot camp.  And, I can remember singing with the OCS chorus as we reminded our classmates that Love Lifts Us Up Where We Belong.

wvm-october-2016-arthur-politics-imageAll my life I wanted to study and write music or write about music.  But, most of all, I just wanted to sing.  I have been blessed with opportunities to sing the National Anthem at minor league baseball games, NASCAR events, U.S. Navy Change of Command Ceremonies as well as ceremonies honoring Submarine Veterans who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

I enjoy all kinds of music and truly enjoy songs that express patriotism.  In spite of all our country’s faults, I still get chills when I hear a great rendition of our National Anthem or God Bless America.  When it comes to the song America the Beautiful, no one else rocks it like the late Ray Charles.

Today, I have been afforded the opportunity to showcase three up and coming pioneers in the self publishing music business.  One young man lives two doors down from me.  I actually met him in person, and the other two I’ve only met online and through emails.

Let me first introduce you to Matt Fitzgibbons.  Matt is the founder of PatriotMusic.com which he started in 2005.   According to his biography, Matt is an award winning songwriter, philosopher, and historian.  So far, we have several things in common: songwriting, history, and philosophy.  On September 13, 2016, Matt released his fourth album of inspirational and patriotic songs.  I had the distinct pleasure of listening to this multi-talented singer, songwriter, producer, and businessman whom is living his dream doing the business of music.

In addition to his songs on his web page, Matt can also school you on your rights as a person.  You may recall I wrote a column several months ago about our “unalienable right to the pursuit of happiness.”  Well, let me tell you Matt does a better job of educating us on our rights as individuals.

Matt’s first album which was produced in 2005 is called Patriot.  There are 11 songs on the album.  His second album was produced in 2006 and is called Patriot 2 – A Celebration of Liberty.  His third album was released in 2012 and is titled Entitled.

You might be wondering why it took so long between the second and third album.  I don’t have the answer, but from my own experience, even the best songwriters get writers block.  Matt’s fourth album is called PAWN and releases on September 13.

A closer review of Matt’s lyric writing and music performance indicates a high quality of professionalism and creativity.  The production quality of the music is fantastic.  Some of my favorite tracks are:

Remember the Americans

The harmonica introduction and marching style of the drums make this a great patriotic song for the Veteran’s Day Concert on our National Mall.  The song covers the periods from WWII, Korean War, Vietnam, and the present.  It is a tribute our men and women who we send overseas to fight for the liberty of other people.

In Deo Speramus

This instrumental track has some of the most beautiful electric guitar licks interspersed with a sweet acoustic guitar.

Give Me Liberty

This one is on his new album PAWN.  It reminds of the protest songs from the 60s.  He quotes one of my favorite heroes Patrick Henry, “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death.”  This song rocks with a Boston sounding lead guitar and can be an anthem for the Libertarian movement.

As all music production goes, the more you write, sing, and produce, the better you get.  Matt’s music shows a positive progression from his first production in 2005 to his current album which I have had the pleasure of listening to first hand.

I encourage my readers to listen for themselves.  Head on over to the PatriotMusic.com and take a listen and then support Matt by purchasing his music.

Now, I also want to tell you about another upcoming music producer who lives two doors down from me.  I am very grateful for his help and professionalism as he helped me earn my Modern Music Specialization from Berklee College of Music through the Cousera program.

His name is David King.  David is a composer, producer, and theorist whom takes samples of music and creates new and unique jazzy sounds using a “refractionism, layering traits of his beat work into a theoretical New Style” in his basement studio just two houses down from me.  You can find his music on SoundCloud.com.

David helped me produce my song Good Night Prayer.

As David states on his web page, his music is, “Beats expanded and transfigured.”  Thank you David for the all the help you provided me in producing my project.  I hope we can collaborate on some more projects.

Before I close, I need to give a shout out another musician friend of mine, Mary Eaton.  What a Glorious Day it is to be able to listen and hear great music from three fine artists.

In the words of one of my favorite songs from Tavares, “Don’t Take Away the Music.  It’s the only I got.  It’s peace of the rock.”  Matt, David and Mary keep climbing those mountains and make your dreams come true.  Thanks for sharing your music with us.

Dr. Arthur (Art) Glover is a retired US Navy Submarine Officer who currently resides in Silver Spring, MD. He holds an MPA Degree from Valdosta State University, an MS in Theology from Southern Christian University and Doctorate in Practical Theology from Master’s Graduate School of Divinity.  He served his community as an Election Judge for 10 years and continues to serve his fellow veterans as 1st VP of the Montgomery County Chapter of the Military Officers Association and as Base Commander for the Capitol Base, United States Submarine Veterans.  ContactFacebookGoogle+LinkedIn

Photo Credit – Matt Fitzgibbons

  • Mary Ann Eaton

    Good evening Arthur, what a pleasure and surprise to read your outstanding article. It seems from an early age your learned to work hard, keep the faith and follow your dreams. Music along with all the fine arts has such a special place in everyones lives. The one thing that has and continues to bring people together all around the world is music, the universal language that speaks to us all and shares love and peace to every heart it touches. Thank you my friend Arthur for this honorable mention of my music and songs. May you continue on writing and collaborating with friends to touch our hearts with your beautiful voice and songs. Thank you, Mary Eaton.