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Intuition is the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning.  Prosperity is the state of being prosperous and successful.  Life’s struggles are ways for us to redirect our thoughts and attention in order to be in flow with feeling empowered and in control of our lives.

wvm-eileen-bild-november-2016-imgDr. Tatiana Irvin was dealt an emotional blow when her life turned upside down.  She went from living a vibrant and prosperous life to one of turmoil and distress.

After having lost everything, being left homeless, with 4 children and 2 dogs, a home in foreclosure, her sole vehicle in repossession, utilities shut off, and nowhere to go, Dr. Tatiana utilized the lessons, text, education, and mentors to help her re-focus her direction.

A lifelong student of Emotional Intuition, she incorporates her understanding and knowledge gained into her teaching, coaching, writing, and motivational speaking.  She has completed her Masters, Doctorate, and other certifications, and she is now encouraging and empowering others in their own life-altering transitions.

It seems the trials and tribulations we go through in life prepare us for the ability to help others who may be having the same experience.  Dr. Tatiana has much insight to share about her own personal journey, turning points, and her 5 steps to implement in creating daily prosperity.

EB: Tell us about your journey and how your book, Prosperity Through Emotional Intuition: 5 Proven Steps for Up-leveling Your Personal Prosperity Through the Development of Emotional Intuition, came about on prosperity through emotional intuition?

Dr. Tatiana: First, there is a life challenge, and then there is the desire to create a change in lifestyle with personal reflection and consciousness shifts.  There is a wealth of information that just needs to be put into practice and be developed into accessible wisdom.

When my marriage and lifestyle crumbled, it became a necessity to begin implementing all I had been studying and learning.  Through determination and will, I began to rise to a level of success through serving others, applying the principles, and expanding on them.

As a coach, I believe in empowering my clients to have their own internal compass and to develop their unique application to the same principles that transformed my life.  My experience that almost destroyed me became the catalyst for my transformation and coaching of others on their own similar journey.

EB: What has been the most significant turning point where your 5 steps became the basis of your book?

Dr. Tatiana: I think that in a journey out of homelessness, you have to be really internally conscious.  I have read and studied, for many years, renowned metaphysicians and empowerment coaches such as Tony Robbins, Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson and Florence Scovell Shinn.

The information and entrainment was really about changing how I thought and how I felt, which changes emotional awareness.  Staying very much present with the tools can provide for a life of intention, created intentionally rather than haphazardly, as a daily practice.

I will always practice 5 key steps, because I realize they are pivotal for living a life that is on purpose for me and those I serve.

EB: For you, what is the definition of prosperity?

Dr. Tatiana: It’s the sense our basic needs are met, and there is a place of security.  When we know definitively we have the power to direct prosperity, direct security, create greater ease and comfort in our lives rather than uncertainty that is enough for many.

EB: Please share with us the 5 proven steps for up-leveling our personal prosperity through the development of emotional intuition.

Dr. Tatiana: The 5 steps are very much centered on a clear state of awareness and focus.  The first will be to “Intend.”  We need to intend an emotional state, what feels good to us.  It is going to be a very personal experience for each individual.

Understanding feeling good is the trigger to releasing the universal quantum momentum of being able to attract what we want; we have to intend a very specific emotional and mood state.

The second is to “Observe.”  We need to observe our internal bodily responses to the environment we’re in.  When we are stressed, agitated, angry, or nervous, we are not in a space of creating anabolic energy which is productive, paced, and positive flow of energy.  Instead, we create catabolic or destructive and chaotic energy.

The third key is to be “Reflective.”  The goal is to reflect on your constant state of thoughts.  As soon as we’re able to view our thoughts clearly, asking what is going on in the thought process, and what the cyclical thoughts are, we are able to deliberately start overriding destructive thoughts.  This brings them back into a frame of their own personal feeling good.

Step 4 is all about being “Selective.”  We have to be selective about those we surround ourselves with and who we welcome in our personal space.  We want to create a quantum shift such that we are not being bombarded by the beliefs, prejudices, and resentments of others against our personal and sometimes dramatic change.

Step 5 is to “Celebrate.”  This is a key that is often missed by other teachers and speakers on intentional manifestation.  When we experience even the smallest of successes, we really have to implement a practice of giving ourselves a congratulatory acknowledgment.  Self-celebration infuses our reality with a huge power of positive energy and good feelings.

EB: When someone implements these steps, what can they expect to happen in their life?

Dr. Tatiana: There will be a sense of working cooperatively with an unseen Universal Power that answers your questions, gives you signs, and guides you with stepping stones along the way.  You can read in my book a great story about a client of mine who used these steps ultimately winning a $300,000 jackpot lottery in Nevada.

EB: What is emotional intuition?

Dr. Tatiana: The emotional piece of the 5 step process has to be understood.  What we think, will create a subsequent emotion, but we have to be aware that we share a mind field with the masses.  Being able to discern how our thoughts trigger our internal radar, allows us to use our emotional intuition for following our internal compass.

When we develop the emotional intuition, we take responsibility for ourselves and realize whatever is “out there” is only a reflection of what is emotionally inside us.  If we are not emotionally intuitive, we may attract something we did not intend to bring into our experience.

EB: Any final comments you wish to share?

Dr. Tatiana: Your attitude towards life and your experiences that challenges you and your emotional stability is where you have all your power.  The key is change and transformation of emotional awareness and intuition.

What you resist will persist.

Look to see where you may be out of balance, both in your personal and professional life.  When you remove anger, habitual patterns, conflictual thinking and negative emotion, you begin to create flow and prosperity.

EB: Thank you for sharing your story and inspiring others.

Dr. Tatiana: Thank you for the opportunity!

Dr. Tatiana Irvin is a #1 Bestselling author, motivational public speaker, teacher of Energy Leadership workshops, a Certified Permaculturist and supporter of “Intentional Self-Sustaining Communities”, an advocate of Ubuntu Contributionism Community and Global Financial Model and Founder of the holistic professionals’ network, Heal the  She serves as a Global Peace Ambassador for the Universal Peace Federation working directly with the United Nations. Tatiana firmly ascribes to the power of collaborative contribution. Visit her website.

Eileen Bild has been coaching and guiding people for over 20 years.  She has obtained a Masters in Transpersonal Theories and Practices, is a Certified Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Writer and Producer/Videographer/Photographer.  ContactWebsiteFacebook  –  LinkedInYoutube

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