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The clocks are not the only thing springing forward! March is the time we move ahead too. Ask yourself, “How would I like to move ahead for my own personal growth and renewal, so I may bloom into the best of me?

So let’s do a little exercise. This entails visualizing yourself as a flower. Flowers bloom every spring, and so can we.

WVM MArch 2015 Laura LIFE ImageIf you could imagine yourself to be a flower, which flower would you choose and why? I will share a story with you to help you answer the question.

Recently in a session with my client, we spoke about her identification as a beautiful Bleeding Heart. A Bleeding Heart flower is a gentle shade of pink and the flower itself bows downs. As we recognized the actual physical makeup of the flower, it was clear she saw herself as this flower, because she always gave herself to others.

She was the giver, the one everyone else counted on. As we continued to looked deeper into that role she had played for many, many years, I asked her if she would choose another flower that might feel more aligned with how she wants to be seen. She chose a Sunflower.

The stem of a sunflower is strong and long while the flower itself is a beautiful, happy, smiling face almost bursting with yellow sunshine and glow. Now, that is quite a contrast to the Bleeding Heart, isn’t it?

So, again, I ask you move ahead and to redefine yourself as a brand new flower that expresses the new you today.

When we make the decision to move forward into a renewal of sorts, we make a commitment to self to live our life, our way. The desire is to be fully present and focused on what really matters to us, what feeds the heart and soul, and what will provide the greatest possibility of living healthy and whole.

Another way of moving forward in personal growth is by transmuting the old into the new. When you transmute energy, you allow your body, yourself, to let go of old feelings, beliefs, and memories held deeply in our cells.

For the most part, you are not even aware of this happening. In reality, you have very little conscious awareness of these stored memories hidden beneath the surface. So, what you do is keep these memories alive by being triggered by people, places, and events that bring up the past and in some way confirm and confuse us in our present knowing state.

When you are conscious of this happening, you can speak to it and allow the flow, so you can fully understand the meaning of each event. In that place, you get to decide if you want to keep this memory alive or to let it go.

Don’t be afraid to go into the energy zone, to FEEL what it feels like. When I was writing my book, I would sit in the place the energy was held at that particular time in my life. Whether I was the 3-year-old child, the 15-year-old teenager in the hospital, or the adult, I WENT inside the energetic zone, and I felt what it was like to be that person at that moment.

When you are in that place, you allow your cells to feel exactly what you felt many years before. You can speak to it. You can acknowledge to YOURSELF the pain and the confusion that was felt then to be felt now, so you can acknowledge, witness, and say good bye to it.

As I would bring this energetic feeling into the present moment, I found myself on the floor crying, and releasing the deep hidden pain I never allowed to surface before. The difference is that now I wasn’t crying my eyes out. I was crying my soul/heart out. That’s a major difference.

By allowing the tears to come from the depth of me, I gave myself permission to be done with it. When you give yourself the permission to feel, there is no room for fear. Fear happens when we don’t allow ourselves to feel our heart’s pain.

Another powerful way of transmuting old stale energy is to retrace your life. What I mean by this is literally returning to the places that held huge energy for you throughout your lifetime. We all know where these places and spaces are.

In that space you elicit memories held within your cells available for shifting. You never have to ask where to go or what to do; you simply have to open to the guidance and listen, and do not resist even if it’s a mile or 10 out of your way.

So, say YES to springing forward and enlivening yourself. You can be part of this rebirth, re-growth, and renewal we experience all around us every year at this time.

May you have a happy and joyous spring!

Laura Mayer is the Founder of Soul Dancing Healing Practice and an author, teacher, transformational healer and inspirational speaker. She incorporates decades of experience as an Occupational Therapist, her intuitive prowess, and her healing practice into a road map for anyone willing to step up the plate and take their life into their own hands. Laura knows firsthand what healing looks like. ContactWebsiteFacebookTwitterBooks

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