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 “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” – Hippocrates

Do you know diet is one of the most important parts of your winning game plan for life?  Athletes, millionaires, billionaires, and spiritual leaders realize we are what we eat.  Our food choices either empower or destroy us.  It is all about choice.

Eating healthy is as easy as eating poorly.  What positive food choice did you make today?

Nutrition is a building block of success in sports, business, and family life.  It helps athletes like Patriots quarterback Tom Brady win Super Bowls, and professional tennis stars like Roger Federer, ranked number 9 in the world by the ATP (Association of Tennis Professionals), win tournaments, despite being of retirement age.  What is their secret?  Food!

Is diet really important?  Elliot Pegg, Director of Tennis at Omni Resort Rancho Las Palmas and Cliff Drysdale Tennis says, “Yes!”

He knows what the top tennis players eat, because he plays with them in Tennis With The Stars. This yearly event features an exclusive, intimate gathering of some of the world’s top players as a kickoff to the BNP Paribas Open in Indian Wells, California.

The 2016 event was headlined by Wimbledon finalists Garbine Muguruza ranked ATP number 8 and Eugene Bouchard ranked number 6 (2014), and World number 9 Japanese stand-out Nei Nishikori, and French Number 1 Richard Gasquet.

These professional players are from different countries, of varying backgrounds, sexes, and ranks. However, the one thing they all share in common is a winning diet.  Like professional basketball, football, and hockey players, their nutrition is important for physical and financial success.

In this interview, Elliot Pegg shares how simple it is to eat to win.  Elliot is a graduate of Oxford Brooks University, UK with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Sports Coaching and Physical Education.

A well fed mind and body gives you the edge over someone who eats poorly.

“Eating well will give you a good night’s sleep, and you wake up refreshed and ready to work,” says Elliot.

Have you ever looked at someone and wondered, How the heck do they work, exercise, and raise a family?”  Are they Super-woman while you feel like a Snapdragon?

“Eating a game-winning diet is very easy,” says Pegg.  “Fresh raw and cooked vegetables like  salad and green beans and a low-fat protein like broiled or baked chicken, fish, or turkey is what most of the top athletes eat.”

They avoid rich, starchy, sugary, processed, or fried foods.  Once your body gets used to this new healthy diet it will not crave foods that weigh you down emotionally, physically, or mentally.

“That is not to say you cannot have the occasional dessert or piece of fried chicken.   Just don’t make a dietary habit of it,” he says.

The saying, “Movement is life,” is very important when it comes to health and healing.

Physical activity in the form of sports helps you maintain muscle memory and teaches your body to release lactate previously known as lactic acid.  This is especially helpful after surgery or physical injury.  Your body’s muscle memory will help return you to perfection.

“Tennis is a sport you can take up at any age.  Not only is it great for health, but it is a wonderful way to meet people and join a health conscious social group,” Coach Elliot says.  “You learn life-skills like how not to get down on yourself when you miss a shot, or your partner when they miss the ball.  It promotes  psychological focus and team-work skills, important for all aspects of life.”

He is so right.  While recovering from surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation, I played tennis for the emotional, psychological, and physical benefits of being part of a team at Rancho Las Palmas County Club.

My diet played a big part in my healing and stamina.  And, I know on a number of occasions, my teammates let me win for my mental well-being.  But, that’s team love for you.

We feed our minds food-for-thought which manifests as ideas and problem solving in all aspects of life.  We feed our bodies food-for-fuel as physical energy for stamina, alertness, health, and healing.  Are you setting yourself up with food to succeed or fail?  It is a simple question to a serious situation.

So, if you have not already done so, choose to make the change.  Your children, grandchildren, and loved ones will thank you for loving them enough to embrace the life benefits of a winner’s diet.

Kathleen (Kat) O’Keefe-Kanavos is a TV Producer/Host and Author/Lecturer of the award winning, International bestseller, Surviving Cancerland: Intuitive Aspects of Healing, which promotes patient advocacy and connecting with inner guidance for success in health, wealth, and relationships.  ContactKathleen O’Keefe Kanavos WebsiteSurviving Cancerland WebsiteInner Guide FacebookPersonal Facebook  – Surviving Cancerland Facebook  – Wicked Housewives TV FacebookThe Kat Kanavos ShowWicked Housewives Radio Facebook  – Google+LinkedIn  – PinterestTwitterYoutubeBook

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  14 Responses to “Diet… Are You Eating to Win or Lose at Life? – VIDEO”

  1. Thank you Marquita for sharing your walking testimonial with us. It shows just how important our diet is to our overall wellness.

  2. When I worked in corporate America I lived in my car, hotel rooms and on planes and dined either in fancy restaurants with clients or on the most convenient fast food. I knew I should be taking better care of myself but my lifestyle was literally overwhelming me. When I finally walked away and began working at home it changed my whole life. I can’t even remember the last time I ate fast food, and I’ve learned to really love cooking good food from scratch. I have so much more energy and actually sleep through the night, which I rarely did before. So, I love your advice and feel that I’m a walking testimonial! 🙂

  3. Joyce, I love the idea of backyard farming. The best salad I ever ate was out of my own backyard! Thanks for sharing!

  4. You are so right Summer! It is as easy to eat healthy as it is to eat poorly! Thanks for sharing your insights with us.

  5. I love your “Eating healthy is as easy as eating poorly.” It is so true because eating healthy doesn’t have to be difficult, I can make a nice healthy dinner in the same amount of time it takes me to cook an unhealthy one. Sometimes even less. I have found eating healthy doesn’t mean bland boring food either. Thank you for sharing!

  6. Totally agree. Luckily I’m close to fresh organic produce that is local and coming out of Mexico. Mexico by the way is becoming very organically active in order to meet US demands. There’s also great interest in getting into backyard farming, even on a very small scale. I’m into doing whatever it takes to have access to healthy food. Thanks for a great article.

  7. Sue, when our heart is broken we need healthy food so our body can keep going while our emotions mend. I am so pleased to hear you are eating 2 meals a day with high quality protein. Yes, I am a protein girl too, so I understand. I feel better on a high protein diet, which is a winning diet. Sue, you are not going to get sick. Go to the mirror, look deep into your eyes and repeat, “I love that I am healthy and I will stay healthy.” Then, hug your self because you are a winner! Thanks for your comment!

  8. Suzie, I used my local foods to help heal my cancer so I completely understand using food to heal your kidney disease and rebuild your immune system. I found that nothing can get you through a bad cold like good food. Thanks for your comment.

  9. Julie, thanks so much for your comment, especially from a former Desert Girl. It is always more of a challenge to put good advice into practice, but I am giving it my best, too.

  10. Vatsala, making allowances for fun things is always important. I call it “soul food” because it makes my soul sing. Eating seasonal and local fruits is so very good for us because like local honey it contains properties that help us deal with local allergies. Local honey on top of local nuts and fruit is so healthy for you it makes the Angels sing. The Greeks offer it after dinner all the time. My husband is Greek. Thanks so much for your comment.

  11. I’ve always made sure I eat a balanced diet Kathleen but I also make allowances for the fun things in life like cola, chocolate and pizza – in moderation. I remember reading about how Indira Gandhi always ate seasonal fruits and decided to give it a shot. After all this lady was full of energy at an age when the rest of us complain of creaky bones. I discovered eating seasonal fruits and vegetables actually helps us adapt to the seasons and builds our immunity. Thanks for a wonderful post.

  12. How funny, I used to live across the way from Indian Wells Tennis Garden. Have moved, but still in my neck in the woods. Great interview, and yes, I’m inspired to do better with eating healthy! Loved your point, “Our food choices either empower or destroy us.” Yes, it’s that serious. I know from experience everything Elliot Pegg advised is right on the money – it is only a matter of putting it into practice. Thanks for sharing some excellent advice that can inspire us all.

  13. Kathleen totally agree “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” – Hippocrates Food was my healing force- I chose to go alkaline to heal my kidney disease. Recently i have had a virus that has dragged on so back to rebuilding my immune system. Very big on healthy eating and so lucky I live where can get fresh organic and locally grown veggies and fresh fish- so blessed , xxx

  14. Thanks, Kathleen, for the strong reminders. I’ve been struggling with eating at all through these changes, and have returned to at least two meals a day (even if small). High quality protein (I’m not a low-fat girl, I’m a high–good-fat one — paleo, local, seasonal), veggies, and good fats. So that’s good. I can just imagine what it would feel like to get sick on top of all this!!