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“Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.”  ― C.G. Jung

 The seriousness of the subject surrounding life-and-death-dreams on the Dr. Oz Show reflected in the intense body language of the live studio audience.  The viewers of The Sixth Sense: Shocking Premonitions That Saved Lives were so focused on my story of angelic dreams, you could have heard an ant sneeze.

However, when my B-roll video played, they nodded and awwed with laughter over Fe-licks my Siamese cat filmed in bed with me during the horrifying nightmare sequence.  Fe-licks got so much positive reaction Dr. Oz used him twice during the TV segment which aired January 3o, 2017, during the coveted “Sweeps” aka Neilson Ratings.

The phone call came during October’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  How Prophetic!  When researching guests for a segment on dreams, the Oz producers came across my website videos promoting how dreams had diagnosed my cancer.

It had been missed three times by the medical community and the tests on which they relied.  They saw my videos concerning miraculous dreams and healing, my book, and participation in Dr. Larry Burk’s Research on breast cancer patients whose dreams had diagnosed their illness.  The producers asked to use the condensed five minute video for my featured segment.

The tables were turned as Oz Productions had to sign a release form to use my video as the B-roll.  In film and television production, B-roll, B roll, or Broll is supplemental footage intercut with the main shot.  Mine was used as flashbacks before the live audience for their taped reaction during the airing of the Dr. Oz Show.

In the B-roll, Fe-licks, my Siamese cat, had caught their eye and captured their heart.  As a creature of habit, he had climbed into bed with me despite all the strangers and video cameras in the bedroom.

As far as he was concerned, it was another snuggle nap time.  This was a fitting tribute to his attentiveness to me during my treatments.  By purring loudly beside my head, he would quiet the ringing in my ears known as tinnitus, a frequent side effect of pharmaceuticals.

My interview on The Dr. Oz Show about Precognitive Dreams was taped before a live audience.

The audience was riveted by my story of spirit guides, angel feathers, and hooded monks who entered my dreams through Sacred Dream Doors to impart life-saving information.  I wrote a WVM column about them a little while back, 5 Easy Steps to Enter Your Sacred Dream Doors – VIDEO.

Yes, miracles still happen in our lives and dreams do come true.

In one dream, an angel feather was given to me to use as a sword to verbally fence with my doctors and cut through hospital policy.

However, when Fe-licks was seen snuggled under the covers, head lifted by concern for me on the pillow next to mine, as I re-enacted a nightmare sequence, the audience went nuts.  Dr. Oz used it twice during the show’s broadcast.

Fe-licks upstaged me and ran away with the hearts of Dr. Oz, the producers,  and the audience.

My Precognitive Dreams were Lucid Dreams that came true and validated by medical reports which Dr. Oz held in his hand. He showed them to the audience and explained on film how he had spoken with my doctors to confirm their authenticity.

Watch for my second article, The Sixth Sense: Shocking Premonitions Dreams that Saved Lives next month in WVM.  I will share the validating video from my plastic surgeon Dr. Helen Colen requested by Dr. Oz.  My surprise came when I learned Dr. Helen Colen was so sought-after as a medical resource she had also been a guest on the Oprah Winfrey Show.

My multiple segments of the Dr. Oz Show were legally purchased and are available for your viewing enjoyment on my website.  Here’s one video.

Kathleen (Kat) O’Keefe-Kanavos is a TV Producer/Host and Author/Lecturer of the award winning, International bestseller, Surviving Cancerland: Intuitive Aspects of Healing, which promotes patient advocacy and connecting with inner guidance for success in health, wealth, and relationships.  ContactKathleen O’Keefe Kanavos WebsiteSurviving Cancerland WebsiteInner Guide FacebookPersonal Facebook  – Surviving Cancerland Facebook  – Wicked Housewives TV FacebookThe Kat Kanavos ShowWicked Housewives Radio Facebook  – Google+LinkedIn  – PinterestTwitterYoutubeBook