Mar 012017


Layne Dalfen - Soul

Dreams often use symbolism that can in fact be quite accurate and specific to a particular person or situation.  Your subconscious wants to grab your attention in the language and images you use and that mean something to you.

Leading dream interpretation expert Layne Dalfen gives us great insight into this element of dream work by using this simple yet effective piglet imagery.  Follow her line of questioning to ‘get to the real’ issues the dream was bringing to the forefront to be resolved.

Layne Dalfen founded The Dream Interpretation Center in Montreal in 1997.  A published author, she is a nationally recognized radio and television dream expert.  She offers individual consultations, lectures at Concordia University in Montreal, writes articles, and has given workshops at spas such as Canyon Ranch, and Old Stone Farm in the United States, and Rancho La Puerta in Mexico.  Please use her Contact link to book Layne for speaking engagements.  ContactWebsiteFacebook Twitter LinkedIn Books

WVM May 2014 Layne Dalfen SOUL ImagePhoto Credit –  tiverylucky