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What are the things you like most about the spring season?

WVM Photo Columnist Linda ATDT 1x1LINDA Clinton, UT, Public Sector, Married, 2 Daughters & 2 Step-Sons, Middle Sister – RVing, RVing, RVing… did I mention RVing!  Leon and I take full advantage of our centrally located area in Salt Lake City.  We are close to many RV parks in Idaho, Wyoming, and Utah.

To name a few – we love going to Lava Hot Springs, Idaho, because there are so many fun things to do—medicinal hot spring soaking, water park, tubing down the river, local mom-pop restaurants/bar and small casino.

We also like to go to Evanston, Wyoming with our RV to enjoy the local rodeos, beautiful mountainous areas, horse race betting, and annual Beerfest.   We plan a RV trip just about every couple weeks during the spring and summer months.​

WVM Photo Columnist Brenda ATDT 1x1BRENDACarmel, IN, Executive, Married, 1 Step-Son, Middle Sister – I like putting my coats away, getting outside more, and walking around the lake with the dogs. It’s nice to hear the birds sing and watch the crazy squirrels jumping around.

It’s yummy to have apricots, peaches, cherries, and asparagus in season. St. Patrick’s Day and Easter are fun spring holidays, and it’s always great to go to the Art-Walk and other springtime food, art, and music festivals.

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JAY Carmel, IN, Executive, 1 Son, Brenda’s Husband – I like how the world comes back to life in the spring. The trees start budding and turning green. The flowers start blooming, and the birds start singing again.  It’s like a fresh start for the world every spring.  And, it gets warmer.  No more coats.  No more gloves.  No more hats.


WVM Photo Columnist Sarah Family Talk 1x1SARAH – Portland, OR, Medical Industry, Single, No Kids, Linda’s Older Daughter – Spring brings in earlier sunrises, making it so much more motivating to leave my covers. I also get very excited for the growing season to start. The first few warm days of spring are perfect for pruning and organizing the compost. Dirty hands get me so excited for planting to start.


WVM Family Talk columun box Leon 1x1LEON Clinton, UT, Public Sector, 2 Sons & 2 Step-Daughters, Linda’s Husband – My favorite part of spring is the return of robins and the flowers blooming. I also like the smells of spring and especially the smell immediately after a good thunderstorm. OK, that is all crap; I like camping and fishing. I thought the first part sounded a bit more poetic!


WVM Photo Columnist Kelly Family Tallk1x1 192pxKELLY Germany, Medical Industry, Married, 2 Young Daughters, Linda’s Younger Daughter – I love going from boots to flip flops! Spring is softball season, and I love watching the hubby play on the field while my girls get to run around and play outside.


WVM Family Talk columun box Will 1x1 192pxWILL Germany, Public Service, 2 Young Daughters, Kelly’s Husband – Spring is a great time for me, because it is when I start to play softball. The weather starts to get warm, and outdoor activities begin to take place. I am not a huge fan, because football isn’t going on, but I replace it will softball and family and friends.

 KELLY I’m so proud of the men in my family for appreciating all the flowers in bloom during the spring, HAHAHAHA!

Neal Headshot 1x1NEALLock Haven, PA, Lock Haven University Student, Single, No Kids, Linda’s Younger Step-Son – What I like most about the spring is trout fishing opens. I also enjoy the spring because baseball opens up, and the hockey playoffs start.   The spring is also a very enjoyable time because I get to celebrate my wonderful birthday.


WVM March 2015 Family Talk IMAGEPhoto Credit – Gualberto107