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“It’s not about ideas.  It’s about making ideas happen.” – Scott Belsky, Behance Co-Founder

No matter what we think or want to believe, the global economy is changing and will continue to change as technology develops, as the world gets smaller and political instability increases.

These facts hit me hard this past year when I was hired by a major global corporation to develop an e-business course for their employee base.  The research to create a dynamic new e-business course to cover a global economy was fascinating and placed me into a journey I would never have expected to take.

I began to think.

How does e-commerce affect women in the world’s economy?

How can women benefit from the growing e-commerce economy?

Selling items online is not a new concept.  It’s been around for a long time.  Have you heard of Amazon, EBay, and Etsy?

However, technology today is making it easier and more cost effective for women to create a business in an hour, sell merchandise around the world, use their creativity, and make money.  One of my favorite small business success stories includes Closet Candy Boutique.

How do you start the process?

With any type of business there are factors that need to be considered on an on-going basis.  In the e-commerce environment, I found that tracking stability, growth of the e-commerce business, competition, best items to sell, and technology will be the best advice for beginners.

Experts in the industry can be found with the simple process of Googling the topic.  Once found, sign-up for email updates, join their groups on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, and if available, their private on-line group.

Some of my favorite sites that help me are Shopify blog, A Better Lemonade Stand, (Linda Bustos), (Steve Chou), Moz Blog, and Practical Ecommerce.

Other resources to consider are Google Words and Key Word Explorer to determine keywords, rank tracking, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and to access other tools to help navigate in the industry.

Not everything in e-business is fun or easy.  Competition is growing with big retailers getting involved with drop shippers such as Home Depot.  It’s important to remember most items you will sell are being sold by someone else unless it’s your new a creative service or idea.

My journey has taught me a lot of pros and cons about the e-commerce business model.  Listed below are some of my favorites in both categories.


Allows remote users from around the world

Provides part-time income

No need for physical store

No need for inventory

Enables variety of products

Allows creation of your own brand.


Range of cost of a set-up

Range of shipping methods and cost

Limited amount of drop shipping companies

May lack integration system for complete automation

May lack payment security

Identifying scam customers

Political issues such as taxes, politics always interferes with success.

Risk of stepping out.

There will always be advantages and disadvantages to owning a traditional business as well as an e-commerce business.  Entrepreneurship is not easy and requires 24/7 dedicated focus to become successful.

My first tip is to start small and make it your part-time evening job.  Realize hard work will teach many lessons for life and business, and failures as well as successes will come.

My first attempt at an ecommerce store was a disaster.  And, while my second attempt has been a challenge, I hope to make it to the finish line of development and implementation that will lead to making profits.

My newest e-commerce store is in the works, Untamed Campus Clothing.  It is still in its beginning stages, so check back with us in a few weeks to review the results!

My second tip for success is to research, research, and do more research on the industry, so you can understand all the moving parts of the e-business environment and players in the global ecommerce.  Try to determine the products or services you want to sell.   Consider your hobbies or strictly focus on key word product searches.

Thirdly, understand it takes time, energy, and money to make money.  Be prepared to take a risk.  Do not expect to quit your full-time job right away or to become an instant millionaire.  However, in the long run, with a lot of dedication, you could create a dream job!

What is E-Commerce? (Simple!)

 Dr. Jacqueline Lang, PhD Business, MBA and BA in Communication, has worked for Fortune 50, Fortune 500, and private organizations throughout the U.S. in leadership roles in management in the manufacturing, and retail industries and as a U.S. Congressional Campaign Manager.  She divides her time as a Business Faculty, Business Consultant, International Co-Author and Researcher.  ContactWebsite

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