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The weather’s starting to change, the temperatures are rising, and we’re able to start wearing fewer layers. But, with the weather changing, it can be a transition for us to adapt again to wearing clothing differently. Suddenly we’re showing more skin –or do we? We’re wearing different shoes – or are we?

Any time there’s a seasonal change, we have to emotionally change our thought processes around what we wear again. I decided to break down three of the fashion and style fears regarding what’s appropriate as the weather changes to get you started on a right note this season.

Note – These tips/rules apply ALL year round.

1 Nylons or Bare Legs? 

Mallroy March imageTo go bare, or not? Oh what a controversial topic. I’m asked about the nylons/no nylons debate ALL the time. My answer? No nylons.

They tend to give an outdated look. Primarily because it’s rare for nylons to look natural (or match your actual skin tone properly). Now I know for those of you who have been wearing nylons for years it’s hard to imagine NOT wearing them. But, I urge you to just try it.

If you’re worried your legs are pale from being in all winter, or even ‘uneven coloring,’ I have news for you…we’re ALL in the same boat on this one. We don’t all have perfectly flawless skin, and we’ve all been indoors all winter long.

Don’t feel like you need to ‘hide’ your legs. Embrace your gorgeous gams, ladies!

If you really can’t fathom the thought of going without nylons, apply a thin layer of your favorite self-tanning lotion. BAM – you’ve accomplished the same thing as nylons but without the weird seam at toes.

2 Pencil Skirt Phobia?

Mallroy March image 2Often when working with female clients, they’re hung up on wanting to ‘hide’ the areas of their bodies they don’t like. Society has told us to do this we need to wear loose fitting clothes. (I’m shaking my head as I even write that out.) But, you know what happens when you wear loose fitting clothes in an effort to hide areas you don’t like?

It LOOKS like you’re trying to hide those areas AND it adds weight. You’re probably thinking there’s no way it adds weight. Let me explain it this way. When you have a lot of fabric and it’s ‘flowy,’ it’s adding bulk. AKA, it’s making those areas appear larger than they are. BINGO!

So, women often think maxi skirts are the answers to their skirt problems. I hear, “They’re comfy,” or “They’re easy,” or “They hide things.” But, as we just discussed, it usually does the exact opposite.

Besides this, there is the fact maxi anything is a tricky silhouette to wear without it overwhelming you – petite ladies, I’m talking to you. Instead of going to the ever popular maxi skirt, I encourage you to try the pencil skirt.

Every time I put a client in a pencil skirt their first reaction is a bit of a panic. 100% of the time the panic is because suddenly they’re wearing clothes that FIT their bodies (imagine that!).

While yes, it will be a transition to wear something more fitted to your body, keep in mind that when a pencil skirt fits properly it’s SLIMMING and incredibly figure flattering.

And, you know what else? Pencil skirts aren’t just for work or being ‘dressed up’ (whatever that even means anymore). Wear a pencil skirt with a t-shirt and flats – BAM, you’re styled, figure flattered, and it took no more time than the maxi skirt.

3 High Heels Only for Dressy?

Mallroy March image 3Do you have to wear high heels? To put it simply, NO. Many clients ask me this when we first begin working together. Again, for some reason our world has decided to tell women the only way to look cute or ‘dressed up’ is to wear heels. While I’ll admit I personally am a heel girl, I never expect clients or any woman to wear heels all day every day.

Whether you physically can’t wear high heels, or you just don’t feel comfortable in them, there are other options! I promise. My favorite suggestion is opting for flat shoes that give the same ‘dressed up’ vibe a heel does.

Choose a metallic and/or patent flat. Metallic and patent options tend to feel like there’s a little something extra to them that give the same vibe as a heel but allow you to have comfort.

I hope a few of these’ Spring Style’ fears you may be coping with have been eliminated and allow you to start this new season off on a more confident start!

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Mallory Sills is a Certified Image Consultant and Stylist. Her extensive training includes a degree from the Illinois Institute of Art – Chicago; working alongside the best in the business including Zanna Roberts Rassi of “Marie Claire” magazine and Stacy London from TLC’s hit show “What Not to Wear.”  ContactWebsiteFacebookTwitter

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