Mar 012017


Perhaps more than ever in our lives, we now live in a world of constant movement, change, turmoil, and uncertainty. Never before have the pressures to perform exceptionally as leaders been more required and at the same time, been more daunting. By recognizing that finding balance in our life and business is essential to leadership success, we also realize we must reflect internally and examine what is working well in our life, as well as what we could improve. To do that, we need to learn and grow continuously on multiple levels, while transforming our skill set to thrive professionally and personally with each new challenge and each new ambition.

But more than anything, as leaders, we need to operate under a particular defined and noble set of values that reflect the best our beliefs and who we are in our core.

Every experienced and respected leader I know takes their values seriously regardless of the company they work for, the title they may have, or the situation that they may be in at any given time. Those values don’t change from job to job. They are not situation-specific. They are much deeper than that. It’s also true that the depth of our values can change over time as we mature as adults.

Why are values so critical to leadership success? One thing that has been proven time after time is the importance of consistency in demonstrating and living high standards and leadership values.

For the highest fulfillment in our career, our personal values and our organization’s values need to align. How are yours doing right now? Are there certain areas in alignment, but others which are clearly not? How do you feel about the disconnect you have between your values and those in the company you can’t endorse, or which simply don’t inspire you?

Certainly, we all wish we could be in perfect alignment at all times, with our own values and those of our employer aligned and growing together.

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IZABELA LUNDBERG, M.S. is President and Founder of Izabela Lundberg International, a global Leadership and Organizational Development firm. She is an International Consultant, Speaker, Author, Humanitarian, Artist and Immigrant Entrepreneur whose clients include from startups to Fortune 500 companies executives. Izabela is recognized as a Worlds’ Authority of Legacy Leadership, Transformation, and High Performance Impact in business and sports. She generates tremendous value and delivers exceptional results to her audience as a catalyst for producing sustainable solutions through high impact leadership to a global leader’s most pressing challenges. She is #1 International Best Selling Author, The World Messenger: From Fear to Greatness: Business, Sports & Life Lessons, and she is on the mission to create one million legacy leaders in her lifetime. Join her global movement today at!  Contact Instagram

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