Mar 012017


I love the beauty of the snow, but wow, has it been a brutal winter for most of us or what?  I’m so ready for spring!  It’s a time to come alive again and get outside after being indoors most of the time these past few months!

I think spring is a joyful time full of blooming gardens… and inspiration and ideas.  It is a time to come out of hibernation, to bring new energy to life, and to have some fun!

I enjoy sitting on my deck with my first cup of morning coffee and noticing how beautiful the melodies are coming from the birds sitting in the trees.  I laugh at the crazy squirrels jumping around and smile as my White Shepherd Winslow stands in the middle of our backyard with her head tilted upward to catch the sun and to take a deep breath of the spring fragrance in the air.

Mid-month, it’s a time to become Irish for the day to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with friends.  We all have a fun-loving Irishman or lovely Irish lass in our circle of friends, or at least we do at our favorite Irish Pub, right?

In quieter moments, spring is a season to relax and reflect at an outdoor café with a refreshing iced tea or a nice, smooth glass of wine.  Spring is about the celebration of new life and new energy around you.  It is about seeing the beauty and possibilities in your life and the world after a long winter.

Welcome the inspiration of spring into your life!


Photo Credit – fzofklenz