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Spring, it’s like an old friend that’s been with you as long as you can remember. Even during the cold dark days of the winters of life, spring is with you.

Spring returns as though it never left, and really, it never did. It’s been there all along below the surface carrying you forward toward a time of great joy. Life is like that you know Dear. And, it’s important to hang on to the little bits… until you can see the full picture of the glory of spring you have been working toward and longing for.

WVM March 2015 Arlene FAMILY ImageI have two hens, one named Murcrow, and the other Molly. Old now are these two, and much like your grandmother, they too have seen many seasons of life come and go. Filled with wisdom, they choose to live in the cedar tree near the back of the house.

They abandoned the hen house, something about seeing a fox as near as I can tell in their clucking as I greet them every dawn. We’ve had quiet the chats over the years, Murcrow, Molly, and I.

They no longer roam the Forest unless I’m with them. They’re much too old to lay eggs. And, having been way too smart ever to be caught ending up in the cook pot, they remind me of the hope and endurance some say is wasted on today’s youth.

Not so I say though. It’s alive and well. I see it in you and in others coming along choosing to take the time to walk the long way home and leave the short cuts to the ones who will face failure for the fear of ever trying to find spring in their lives.

Take it from an old woman who has walked in the concrete jungle of the corporate world and came out on the high ground. It can be done provided it’s done with good moral character and hard work while always keeping your mind on the big prize. But, most important is being able to sleep at night from the things you said or did during your waking hours.

Oh you’ll slip and fall here and there. That’s natural, but catch yourself before you can see the abyss. I here it’s full of losers passing themselves off as spring. Watch out for the friends who aren’t real friends but pretend friends as you begin to succeed.

They’re sort of like a potato bug. Ugh, they’re nasty little buggers that can steal your crop before the grand harvest, so be watchful as you enjoy the spring of your life.

Dear, it’s not the problems of life that do us in. It’s how we treat them. Problems are nothing but the passing of a season, a learning period in life of sorts.

Spring… the season arrives bringing green grass, the scent of lovely flowers, trees budding out, and the dogwoods blooming. The air seems fresher. The sun is brighter warming the heart as well as the soul.

It is very beautiful no doubt, and as far as lovely, it’s my favorite time of the year. It is a renewal as promised by the Lord God Almighty. I like looking at it that way.

Come join me and bring your sweetheart with you to celebrate spring out here in my Forest. We’ll all take a walk among the whispering pines leading to an open meadow where the wild flowers bloom.

I’m in great want of sausage gravy and biscuits. I just can’t seem to get my biscuits to fluff as well as yours do. We can sit in the meadow for the longest time enjoying the blooming beauty of spring while I finish off the remaining biscuits topped with homemade raspberry jam.

Oh my Dear, I think it a grand idea you make two batches, don’t you? After all, it has been a rather cold and snowy winter this year.

Arlene Switzer Flynn retired from a long and extraordinary career in real estate, both residential and commercial, followed by ownership of her own mortgage broker company.  She is a member of Who’s Who for Executives and Professionals in America. She returned to her ‘”forest” with thoughts of retirement, and a new love entered her life – writing.  Her first novel “Buzzard’s Glory” hit the market running, and the sequel is hot on its trail.  ContactWebsiteFacebookGoogle+LinkedInPinterestTwitterBook