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As a beauty expert and celebrity body parts model in Hollywood, I’ve picked up many great tips from top celebrity makeup artists. I’m often asked about my personal age-defying makeup regimen. Below, I’ve outlined my step-by-step instructions to help you achieve a natural dewy finish and camouflage minor imperfections.

In addition, you’ll be privy to the newest facial contouring trend used by celebrities aged 35 and up.

WVM January 2015 Louisa ENJOY Before ImageWVM January 2015 Louisa ENJOY After ImageFollow the steps exactly as noted below to ensure the best result. Total time to do this makeup application is about 10-12 minutes! Find my product suggestions and where to purchase them at page bottom. Enjoy!

STEP 1: After cleansing, toning and moisturizing skin, apply an SPF 15 sun screen. TIP: Be sure to wait 60 seconds for moisturizer and sun screen to set before applying makeup.

STEP 2: Apply an illuminating concealer under the eyes. The benefits of illuminating concealer are it is sheer, it won’t settle in lines, and it brightens the eye area. Use a concealer brush to gently pat it under the eyes.

STEP 3: Camouflage dark circles, focusing on the inner eye area. To do this, you’ll need a regular concealer that offers more coverage than the illuminating concealer.

TIP I: Do not apply concealer under the entire eye, as it will settle into lines. TIP II: Blend the concealer by the inner eye and outer side of the nose, and extend it down and out along the inner third of both eyes.

STEP 4: Using a kabuki, stippling or flat foundation brush, apply a sparing amount of powder mineral foundation on face. Using a foundation brush ensures easy blending and a light natural finish.

TIP: Apply one thin coat of mineral makeup. If you see any imperfections, do not apply a second coat of foundation. Instead, use a fine-tipped, clean eye liner brush to spot dab and blend over any small imperfections such as scars, dark spots, broken capillaries or small veins on the temples.

STEP 5: To achieve the ultimate facial contouring effect, apply the regular concealer (as noted in STEP 3) OVER foundation in the following areas:

From the corners of both eyes and extend down to the middle of each cheek in a U shape.

Above both brows in an upward direction (to lift eyes).

In a V between brows and middle of the forehead.

On nasal labial folds.

Down the middle of the nose and under the nostrils.

On the sides of the mouth, extending down in a V to the center of the chin.

After applying regular concealer, blend in a gentle, circular motion using your foundation brush.

STEP 6: Now we’ll contour the face with bronzer. This helps define cheekbones and defines the jawline. It also helps slim the look of a double chin. Apply bronzer under the cheek bones, along the jaw line, and across the top of the forehead.

STEP 7: Apply peach or pink blush on the apples of the cheeks.

STEP 8: To create a fresh, open-eyed look, apply light beige eye shadow on the eye lids, and blend up to beneath each brow arch. Then apply peach or taupe-colored eye shadow on the eye creases and blend outward on the outer thirds of the lids to give a subtle, lifted look to the eyes.

STEP 9: No need to use translucent or setting powder, because it settles into lines, adding years to your age. What I love and highly recommend is Hyaluronic Hydrating Mist to help set makeup for the entire day! Amazing stuff!

This cost-effective mist is one of the most important steps to achieving a dewy finish. Hold the mist bottle 6” away from the face, and apply a quick spray. Allow the mist to dry on the skin.

STEP 10: Use a liner brush or one of the sponge-tipped applicators to apply black or dark brown liner on the outer third of both top and bottom lids.

STEP 11: Apply one coat of mascara on the top lashes. For more definition, apply a second coat of mascara on the outer third of the upper lashes only. To apply mascara on the bottom lashes, watch my “Evening Makeup for Gals 35+ video on YouTube.

STEP 12: Thicker eye brows are all the rage. And fuller brows look more youthful too. Using an eyebrow pencil that offers a fine tip, lightly draw small lines to create the look of real brow hair. To help thicken brow hair, check out RapidLash® at a great price on my website SHOP in the Eyes Section.

STEP 13: Finish the look with a natural gloss in peach or pink for a fresh, dewy look. Why do I suggest natural lip gloss? Just think about it, with every sip of a drip or food consumed, you also ingest what’s applied on your lips!

Be sure to check back to my column next month. I’ll be sharing easy and glamorous evening makeup tips.

Product Suggestions & Where to Buy

Kabuki or Flat Foundation Brushes & Eye Brushes

Sonia Kashuk at Target®, at Ulta® Beauty, or Sephora stores. For eyes, you may also use sponge-tipped applicators at chain drug stores.


TIP: Never buy foundation on line unless you know your exact shade. Visit a Sephora® or Ulta® Beauty store to get a perfect foundation match.

Under Eye Illuminating Concealer

I used Boots No.7® Radiant Glow Concealer (Shade II) at Target®. It offers more yellow undertones. Shade I is more pinkish.

Powder Concealer for Highlighting Upper Cheek Bones & Face

I used Well Rested by Bare Minerals® at Ulta® Beauty stores. Or, try Shimmer Buff at

Bronzer for Contouring

I used Physician’s Formula® Mineral Airbrushing Bronzer with SPF 30 at chain drug stores. Most any bronzer will do.


I used Maybelline® Sophisticated Sable (blush trio in light peachy tones). Or, try #220 Purely Plum (blush trio in pink shades) at Target® or chain drug stores.

Eye Shadows

Choose pallets by Sonia Kashuk at Target®. I used Sonia’s Eye on Neutral Matte-02 pallet. The qualities of her eye shadows are better than most and well-priced.

Hyaluronic Hydrating Mist

As I said, an amazing product! Check it out at my SHOP.

Eye Liner

Sonia Kashuk or any dark brown or black eye shadow at drug stores.


Lancôme®Defincils High Definition Mascara at Sephora® is still my favorite!

Fine Tipped Brow Pencil

Anastasia® Brow Wiz at Sephora®.

Lip Gloss

Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmers® or my natural lip glosses in the Lips & Glosses section at my SHOP.

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