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LinkedIn can be one of your best lead generation and new business development tools online. In today’s social media savvy world, it’s all about “starting a dialogue” or “continuing a conversation.”

Following companies on LinkedIn is an easy way to be tuned into what’s going on in a company you’d like to do business with. In addition, you can help your job-seeking connections by sharing with them a company you know is hiring.

WVM November 2015 Rick DIGITAL ImageHere are four solid reasons why you should follow companies on LinkedIn.

1 It makes it Easy to Gather Information to Trigger a Conversation

The “Follow” function on LinkedIn is an easy way to track changes and developments in a company. When you follow a company, you receive their updates and current developments. Companies post the following types of information on their company page.

Upcoming Events or Conferences

Blog Posts

Press Releases

Awards Notices

Anniversaries or Company Milestones

2 You will Know when a Company is Hiring

Whether you are in the job market or know of people looking for a position, you can be ahead of the game knowing when jobs open up. Just as eHarmony or Match.com pair couples, LinkedIn is a recruiter’s dream tool. Companies pay big bucks to use the LinkedIn job posting features.

You can pay it forward with information on these job opportunities for both the company and the individual who may fit its job description qualifications.

3 It’s a Way to Generate Bona Fide Leads

As a natural extension of what I mentioned in number one, by following a company, you can reach out to a connection to congratulate them on an award or ask them information on a new product they have just launched. It’s like having “insider information” or “strategic intelligence.” The “following” feature provides you with an opportunity to network with key and new contacts within a company on many levels.

4 Following a Company Establishes Brand Affinity

In a business-to-business context, a follow on LinkedIn can be a sign of brand affinity. Professional goals become more attainable when you’re able to collaborate with others who can help you achieve them. Finding the best path to meeting these key contacts is made easier by learning more about the company through its company page.

My video tutorial will cover:

Instructions on how to search and find the companies you want to follow.

Suggestions on how to start a conversation with a connection based on seeing a recent company update post.

Explanations of the advantages of following companies and how the feature is one of LinkedIn’s best kept secrets.

Stay tuned. I’ll continue to cover ways to increase your career and business opportunities using LinkedIn each month. Any questions, feel free to email me.

Rick Itzkowich is an international speaker, entrepreneur, and networking expert. He is an award winning trainer presenting workshops, keynotes, break-out sessions, and interviews around the world. Rick is a sought-after podcast, blog, and webinar guest as well as the developer of his own networking and technology merging products. He set out to be a LinkedIn expert, and today he is recognized as “Rick I – The LinkedIn Guy.” (858) 456-7653 – ContactWebsiteYIKES!WorkshopRockIT!WorkshopQuoteActionsFacebookLinkedIn

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