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Today’s must-have-it-now society has grown smarter and more knowledgeable about consumer arousal.  Formidable techniques like flashy commercials and cute kids to endorse products are less entertaining and even less effective to push sales.  Like within the shift on law enforcement to show video footage in order to quickly capture criminals at large, coaches are grasping the “do as you see and not what you’re told” routine.

For instance, Baltimore police quickly captured a shooter within days of him shooting several individuals in Baltimore, as reported by Fox 45.  Spokesman T.J. Smith attributed the swift arrest to the community assistance in identifying the shooter after seeing video footage.

Consumers need to see it in order to believe it.  It is not sufficient to push products or opportunities; potential clients need to see the product and the producer.  They want glimpses into the designer’s personal life and they even want to know about their families.  This is partly because they want to emulate the model and partly because people believe what they see.

Sometimes, they need to have faith in things, and visual proof is the quickest way to establish credibility.  There are 5 basic ways to tap into visual engagement that are sure to boost your confidence and your customer base.

1  Live Stream

Described by Wikipedia as “a video live streaming platform that allows customers to broadcast live video content using a camera and a computer through the Internet and digital media outlets,” live stream is a fairly new way to provide onlookers glimpses and often time full access to conferences, meetings, and major events.

The biggest reason to utilize live stream is to provide information quickly, in several ways, as it’s unfolding.  No one cares about later; they want it now.  They want to feel connected to the moment. They want experience hiccups, funny moments, and emotional tangents that happen during live events.

There are many free sources that enable live stream.  The top one, Live Stream, is affordable and extremely easy to use.  Not to mention, it is the “only fully integrated system that services all industries with product solutions, reliability, and dedicated support.”

Simply, they provide small business owners and entrepreneurs with a team of experts to maximize their time while professionally showcasing their product to millions of potential clients.  Live stream is different from simple video recording, because it is in real time.  That means your authenticity, mistakes, and all will be on display whether you want them to be or not.

2  Pictures

The old adage a  picture is worth a thousand words still holds true.  The question to ask, before posting that car selfie or your favorite picture of you and your boo, is, “Will I love it in the morning?”  Entrepreneurs often fall into the trap of creating a false persona and forget the person they created visually through staged pictures and fake living; when their true self shows up, and they want to invite the world in to take part in their moment, it becomes difficult to stay true to self.

For example, if every picture shows you in the best light, making lots of money, and always closing the deal, but you are actually dying inside and not building any new partnerships, you will inhibit your ability to stay true and not seem unstable.

It’s best to post authentic pictures and let them create a visualization that your audience wants to shape, instead of over selling things that are not true.  Be yourself and picture yourself, for images last a lifetime.

3  Video

It is literally impossible to be successful in business and not have a Vlog or a video journal of your climb to success, your struggles, your new product, or a video of something that allows your customers to connect with you.  Major platforms have enabled ordinary people to monetize their platforms.

The best kept secret to creating great videos has nothing to do with the lighting .  In fact, it is similar to creating the best pictures.  The secret is to be authentically you.  Many fail with their attempts to be different and stand out, when being you was always enough.

In the movie Collateral Beauty, love and death are portrayed as actual people with personalities.  The goal was to intervene with a man who had lost touch with reality after the tragic loss of his child.

You would have to go to the theaters to see the ending, but as the characters evolve, it becomes apparent that the man, played by Will Smith, is anything but a huge fan.  He unleashes his anger on each of them, for the mirror they each held in his face.

The harsh reality is many people need the same level of intervention for the emotions they hide and the characters they develop while attempting to create a fake persona.  Video makes your audience connect to you with ease, because it if hard to hide mannerisms and your soul when you are exposing it on film.

4  Speaking

Before you run to the stage, imagine the once in a lifetime opportunity to speak before a million guests ready to purchase your program or whatever you are selling.  Think about climbing the steps, walking onto the stage, taking a gulp, and slowly releasing every ounce of it, before your first word.  What would you say?

Would you use humor to lighten the moment?  Would you share an intimate story to draw in the crowd?  Would you sing?  How about dance?  Before you speak, think about your message and who it is intended.  Speaking is the fastest way to become an expert in your field and keep your audience on the edge of their seat.

Speak to live, speak to grow, and speak to sell.  Just be sure the story you’re sharing  is your own.  Motivation gains momentum from your story.  Thought provokers should stop cheerleading others on to their best, if they  have yet to walk in their own authenticity.

If you don’t know your purpose, you can’t really help others find theirs.  It feels good at first, but you ultimately need a point of reference to keep going.  You need an experience, some type of expertise, training, a learned trade, a story, something other than clichés and someone else’s story.

Otherwise, you risk getting opportunities you are not ready for.  If it isn’t your story, stop telling it.  You are probably messing up the punch line.

5  Cross Promotion

There are many women who are getting it right.  Share their platforms.  Don’t be shy about helping others by promoting them.  They will in turn promote you.  The top isn’t reserved for the most popular or self proclaimed “best” coach, leader, speaker, or mentor.  Grab your opportunity to share your powerful message, by sharing the success of others too.

When Oprah launched her book club, it wasn’t just to share her favorite books, it was to help great stories be told.  She was in a sense co-signing the author, which is the point of cross promoting.

After carefully selecting who you with associate with and be linked to, go for it!  Promote them, while training them to promote you.  It is one thing to think your product is great, but real success comes when others think it too.

Caprice Smith, The Uncuffed Living Expert, who while serving as a Special Investigations Police Detective in Baltimore City for twenty years, earned her Master Degree in Education and launched a 501 C3 to combat Domestic Violence. After, retiring she passionately developed her coaching business and has been awarded Top 100 Minority Business In The Mid-Atlantic Region, Baltimore’s Best and Baltimore Time’s Indie Entrepreneur Of The Week, A Black Wall Street Award Recipient, Mrs., Corporate America 2014/ Ambassador 2015, Internationally Syndicated Columnist with Women’s Voice Magazine and a host of other accolades. She has made multiple appearances on Dr. Oz, Fox 45, ABC, The Chew and has won over $14,000.00 while living uncuffed. She doesn’t allow anything to stop her and flew an airplane to overcome her fear of heights.  ContactWebsiteFacebookGoogle+TwitterVideoBooks  – TV Show

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