Apr 012017


I feel sadness and at the same time a joy in my being during the Holy week of Easter.  I feel the darkness and the light of the week in my soul.

As one of the Catholic faith, Easter is my favorite holiday of the year.  Yes, I know Christmas typically has a bigger and grander celebration around it, and I do see it also as a joyful and holy day.  I see Christmas as the day the prophetic promise begins fulfillment on Earth, and I see Easter as the day the promise of the Messiah was completely fulfilled.

Passover is my favorite Jewish holiday of the year.  Again, I feel the sadness and at the same time the joy.  Again, I feel the darkness and the light.  I resonate with this holy holiday also.

I’ve always found it meaningful that Easter and Passover are the only Christian and Jewish holidays celebrated at the same time.  I think there is a correlation to the life-giving and protection of God in both.  Both world religions find divine connections, interventions, protection, and knowledge bestowed from angels.  I find joy and comfort in this.  I find it meaningful.

Whether one is of the Christian, Jewish, another faith, or no faith, I believe God is within us, and we are within God.  I believe we are all a drop of water in the ocean that is God.

Whatever your belief is, I wish you a Happy Easter and a Happy Passover.  Whether you celebrate either of these holy holidays or you do not, I wish you a peaceful time spent with your friends and family.


  One Response to “April, 2017 – Greetings from the Executive Editor”

  1. Bren, I got chills and tears as I read your “Greetings.” I so feel the same way and I am so grateful that I have these beliefs to help me face each day. Thank you!