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The month of April’s key focus is about being in control of your destiny and wishes.  Making better choices will bring you the tools to ensure your life improves and becomes what you envision it to be.

Use universal freewill thinking to create your life path and future!  Every one of us is given the opportunity to make life-altering choices happen.  Our daily choices can affect us mentally and physically in a positive or negative flow pattern.

But “how do I know when I am making a good or bad choice” for myself you ask?  First, tune out the distractions and negative self-talk that leads you to make a choice that is not completely clear in your mind and causing chaos or drama in your everyday life.

Most of us have those relatives and friends who give constant advice and are sometimes negative in their thinking.  They are passing that attitude on to you.  Understand they are well-meaning, but no one knows you as well as you know yourself.

Find that quiet corner in your mind, breathe deeply and center yourself.  Meditate on whatever it is you are making a better choice about; believe you will come to the right decision and move forward.

Second, weigh the true pros and cons of what you are attempting to change, and go with your gut feeling.  Your inner thoughts are always spot on and come from your own superb intuition.

Sincerely ask your universal guides for clarity, thank them for providing you with guidance, and be keenly aware of what thoughts come through to you.

Whether you are making life-altering decisions about staying or letting go of a relationship, changing jobs, getting married or staying single, getting pregnant or adopting a child, or moving to a new residence, your inner voice will always let you know the better choice for your true happiness.

Quiet your mind, listen to your positive thoughts and heed what you instinctively know is right in your heart.   Making better choices will keep you in control, drama-free and content!

April’s column is all about the numerology meaning of the number 4. Life is energy and vibration within our universe.  One may become aware of their life’s purpose and path using personal numerology chartings.

To find your Life Path (LP), add your birth month, day, and year together to achieve a one-digit number.  Example:  August 13, 1990= 8+1+3+1+9+9+0 = 31(3+1) = 4.

Do you have a 4 Life Path?  Add your birth month, day and year together to find out.

People with a 4Life Path are organized and decisive.  4LPs see diligence and hard work as assets in themselves and others.  You are a rational problem solver.  You act responsibility in most everything you do.    You can become rigid and need to relax the reins a bit with your co-workers and subordinates.

4LP people are loyal and honest with your friends.  You are in it for the long haul and will always be a friend who is there in the time of need. You are a patient but firm parent and have high expectations and ideals for your children’s future.

4LP People include Bill Gates, Brad Pitt, Elton John, Dale Earnhardt, Montel Williams, Demi Moore, Frank Sinatra, Paul McCartney, Jewel, Billy Graham, and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Every person also has a Soul/Personality (SP) number.  The SP vibration is the real inner self and personality of the person.  The SP vibration shows the true soul others relate to on a conscious or unconscious level.

Add your birth day down to a one-digit number to find your SP vibration.  If you were born on the 4th, 13th or 22nd of any month your SP vibration is a4.

If you were born on the 4th of any month, you are a 4-4SP.  4-4SP people are very patriotic and have a pure love for their country.  You are protective of family, your home and belongings.  You believe that success comes with hard work, a moral work ethic and have a drive to always improve your career skills and work conditions.  You are a principled person and will stand up to adversity when necessary.

4-4SP people are planners and schedulers being aware of every detail big or small.  You hold the belief to be prepared for whatever comes your way in life no matter how challenging.  You are an optimist at heart, but also a realist mentally.  You can be rigid in your thinking and have a rough time letting go of what doesn’t work to try new things – a true life lesson for 4SPs.

People born on the 4thinclude Rosa Parks, Alice Cooper, Oscar DeLaHoya, Chaz Bono, Patricia Heaton, and Susan Sarandon.

If you were born on the 13th of any month, you are a 4-13SP.  4-13SP people are very friendly, caring and spiritual beings.  You want to enjoy life, but see the suffering of others too keenly.  You feel compelled to be there for family, friends, co-workers, homeless, and those less fortunate.

You will choose the career fields most able to help others, such as counselors, community organizers, addiction therapists, hypnotist and small business owners.

4-13SP peoplehave a loyalty and sense of duty to family.  Most adult 4-13SP will live close to family and always strive to be the pleaser and rescuer.  4-13SPs need to maintain a life somewhat separate from your family in order for you to blossom and grow.

Many 4-13SP souls are working out karma with their family members in this lifetime. This will enable you to move forward in a positive direction and with new purpose among your mutual soul travelers.

People born on the 13th include Margaret Thatcher, Marie Osmond, Paul Simon, Tyler Perry, Jean Smart, and Stevie Wonder.

If you were born on the 22nd of any month, you are a 4-22SP.  4-22SP people are very intelligent and have a philosophical outlook on life in general.  You need to go with your first impression more often and not over-think the situation or person.  You are a “what you see is what you get” kind of personality with no pretenses.

You are organized and that carries forward in your chosen career.  You do well working for large corporations and have a fine-tuned mind for every detail.  You are the one creating the graphs, charts, and two-year projections for any project to ensure a successful overall outcome for you, your colleagues and shareholders.

4-22SP people have a kind heart and perform charity work, especially for those considered the underdogs of our society.  You require alone time to recharge your mental battery; take those needed quiet moments!

People born on the 22nd include Naomi Campbell, Harvey Milk, Meryl Streep, Kris Kristofferson, Kristen Wiig, and John Lee Hooker.

Linda Strausser knows numbers are in your everyday life; significant in conscious or subconscious ways.  She began paying attention to numbers in her teens and is now a leading expert accredited numerologist.  She offers several different affordable Personal Numerology Chartings.  ContactWebsite

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