Apr 012017


This is not a phrase we are typically encouraged with. In fact, we hear the opposite and are being pulled into people pleasing. But in making the best choices, you have to put yourself first. Self-love is an investment, meant for making choices and finding meaning in those choices. We often decide to push our dreams aside…we decide to not live for ourselves. We live for the wrong things. Money becomes the oppressor. Success becomes the oppressor. Approval becomes the oppressor.

Do You.

It’s simple yet complex in itself as a statement. We think we are ready to take on the world, but then we find the world wants to own us. “You don’t own me” are the words we should be shouting back. But instead, we bend. And each time we bend, we think we are doing it right when we should be thinking “Do YOU.”

Underestimating yourself is the place where you find yourself once you decide to live for the world’s ways and not for your inner wisdom. You make each decision with the wrong factors in mind and find yourself in a job, in a relationship or in a situation that does not reflect your personal value.

Wisdom is a gift. We are able to recognize when something is universally true, such as with wisdom. We have a built-in system for recognizing bullshit but somehow we turn it off or tune it out when we think the reward of living for the world outweighs living for wisdom.

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SARAH JEANNE BROWNE is a writer, speaker, and activist. She is writing a young adult fiction novel, speaks on having Unseen Brilliance and advocates empowerment of the self.  ContactFacebookGoogle+LinkedInTwitterYouTube

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