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Laura Mayer - Life

I woke up in the mornings questioning how I was going to survive.  I never “really” knew what would happen to me, whether the disease would progress as stated earlier in my life.  I lived in fear, in a state of constant anxiety.

That was my story, and for forty years I lived my story.  It was the only story I knew.

WVM March 2014 Laura Mayer Image LIFEToday I have rewritten my story, and that is the gift and inspiration I bring to others who have the courage to show up and change their lives.

“When you love yourself enough you open widely to your greatest potential and begin to heal any form of disease your body, mind or spirit may be holding.”

I was diagnosed at the age of fourteen with a progressive, degenerative neurological disease which the doctors said would leave me in a wheelchair at twenty-five and dead at 40.  Luckily it didn’t happen as predicted.  In reality, the dis-ease never spread to my legs, manifesting solely in my upper extremities, which I am very grateful.

After ten years of witnessing muscle deterioration at the rate of 1 millimeter a month, my hands were lifeless.  I no longer had the ability to move my thumbs, and my left hand was functionally paralyzed.  After relocating to Boston at age 26, I met a hand surgeon who was willing to help me regain some semblance of functionality in my very dis-abled hands and very stressed body.

Everything I did hurt, from opening a door, to putting on my clothes, and brushing my hair.  I was in constant pain from the lack of muscle strength required to execute these simple, mundane life tasks.

In sharing my miraculous transformation from surviving to thriving I hope to inspire you to do the same.  After undergoing eighteen surgeries and 40 years of a disabling neurological disease, and exhausting the medical world, I stepped out of the medical box and opened to the world of spirituality and alternative healing modalities.

I began to trust in the unknown forces of nature, the energy field and quantum physics.  I learned to allow the flow of grace to nurture and heal me.

Healing is a process of releasing old messages stored in your DNA and having the courage to love yourself enough, trusting you deserved a better life and a healthier existence.  When I adopted that new belief system, my entire being started to shift into wellness.

Mostly, I learned to ‘let go’ and follow my inner guidance.  In doing so I allowed my heart to be guided by intuition and grace, not by my mind and ego, which was, for the most part, driven by fear, deep sadness and a primordial sense of not belonging.

Slowly and steadily, I was unlocking myself from the only existence I had known.  And, I began to vision a new life, filled with joy and acceptance.

In a deep excavation of the soul, I began to identify the energetic root of the dis-ease and realized ‘if my heart healed, my body would heal.’  My life began to shift.  I recognized how much we call in unbeknownst to our mental mind, because our soul knows what we require to transcend grief and dis-ease in this lifetime.

As I became more in tuned to the energy around me, I learned the incredible power of words and how we receive exactly what we ask for.  My belief system shifted from what they did or what happened to me to everything in life is an offering, an opportunity to grow and ascend.  More importantly, I learned that by seeing through softer eyes there was no room for anger.

My offering is that others will learn to trust in our incredible gift to make choice, to be the co-creator of our own destiny.  We always have the choice.  We can remain locked in our old story, trapped in past belief patterns/behaviors that no longer serve us, or we can create a new story, one that resonates with our authentic self.

It’s about saying yes to your desires, your higher self.  I cannot think of a better gift we can bestow upon ourselves than this.  When we forgive ourselves, and others, we heal the hurt and discomfort that lies dormant in our cellular makeup.

I learned that forgiveness + compassion = healing.  I learned to drop my weapons and pick up my angel wings.

When we are compassion and grace we attract the same.  Healing is based in the heart, not the mind.  As a result of my learning, I have completely transcended the disease and live each day in joy and gratitude.

“If I can heal, anyone can heal.”  We are here to be in our heart’s desire and live our soul purpose.

Laura Mayer is the Founder of Soul Dancing Healing Practice and an author, teacher, transformational healer and inspirational speaker.  She incorporates decades of experience as an Occupational Therapist, her intuitive prowess, and her healing practice into a road map for anyone willing to step up the plate and take their life into their own hands.  Laura knows firsthand what healing looks like.  ContactWebsiteFacebook TwitterBooks