Apr 012017


Sometimes I think I’m just too old for new beginnings.  Usually, those are the days when I’m overwhelmed with trying to keep up with the social media I do in marketing my work, writing two or three posts under a deadline, connecting with folks I want/need to know through LinkedIn and other platforms, writing a pitch to a media outlet or corporation, and crafting an outline for my next book; oh, and being a wife, mother, daughter, grandmother, friend, sister, etc., etc. to everyone in my life.

I think about what I’ve got to do and wonder how the heck I got here.  And then, I realize ten years ago, I was doing none of that stuff.  Some of it, like creating a newsletter and sending it out via Mail Chimp (what does that even mean?), I wasn’t even doing six months ago.

My life, like those of, well, everyone on the planet, has changed exponentially over the last ten years, forcing me (okay, dragging me kicking and screaming) into new beginning after new beginning.  If I’m being honest, I’m often exhausted.  I’m also anxious that I’m not keeping up, not serving my best interests or those of anyone I know.  But then, I realize I’m also excited—by what I’m doing, whom I’ve met, and where I’m going, even though I have no idea where that is.

Then, of course, I have the one day a week when it all stops, thanks to the patter of the little feet of my two-year-old granddaughter as she flings herself into my arms, followed by her little brother, carried into my home by his momma or daddy, for a day at “Franny’s house!”  Those days involve Play-Doh, pretend, mac and cheese, silly songs, and sweet kisses—everything else be damned.

That’s when I realize I’ve got a foot in two parallel universes.  It’s weird.  But it’s also another new beginning; one I share with any number of women of a “certain age” who have decided they still want to “do stuff,” even while transitioning into a phase that used to relegate them to baking cookies while wearing a housedress and slippers (which you will never, EVER see me in).

I am a rocking, awesome grandma, who is building a brand even as she learns what a Bubble Guppy is (also weird).  In the eyes of my granddaughter, I am Wonder Woman, which is fantastic for my ego, especially if I’ve just come off a day when I’ve sent out the aforementioned newsletter with incorrect links, then had to resend the thing to my entire email list, reminding me you’re never too old to make mistakes.

But, you’re also never too old to learn from them, and I’ve learned a lot, regardless of which universe I find myself in.  I’m playing in worlds that didn’t exist in my younger days—who would have thought that “Google” would be a thing, an action, and my best friend, as in, “Google, how do you create a blog?”

Also, even when my world did include little ones, I was usually too absorbed in their daily care to indulge in the basic joy of looking for worms with a stick or blowing bubbles inside the house.  (These days, I don’t give a damn if the rug gets wet or not.)

The bottom line is, my life is full of new beginnings almost daily.  Though occasionally, it’s exhausting, it’s also exhilarating.  I’m alive, charting a new course, and loving it.  And if I get too tired, I’ll just take a nap with my grandkids.  That’s one new beginning I’ll happily embrace.

(See below, as Wonder Woman is coming to the big screen in June. I know, I look fantastic, don’t I?)

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  3 Responses to “I’ve Evolved into Wonder Woman & Loving it! – VIDEO”

  1. Fran…..you always put into words so beautifully exactly how I feel and I suspect many other women in today’s world. I try to learn something new every day while I keep up with everything else. Like you, I’m sure my grandkids will be teaching me lots of new things as they get a little older. Enjoying every minute. Ciao…..

  2. Exciting, scary, exhausting and wonderful, all at once! Thanks for sharing, Marie!

  3. I so agree- it’s exciting to be learning and doing at an age where not that long ago it was time to just sit back and be an “elder”.