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By Sue Rosen, April, 2017 –

I have learned so much about miracles, as we witness the seasons of change.  I have learned to live, instead of die.  I have learned no matter how many times I extend myself to others, it may not turn out the way I hoped it would.  And, then again, it may!

Some will appreciate a warm cup of tea, and others may throw that tea in my face, for no good reason.  I have learned how to duck.  I have learned kindness and empathy is my miracle to share.  I am still learning not all humans like to share, but I am grateful to continue to learn.

Many years ago, when I was still working in the Emergency/Trauma Department, I met a man.  His name was John.  He was a retired navy veteran and an amputee.   He had lost a leg during WW2.

John worked on Navy ships, and in an explosion, he lost his right leg from below the knee.  I would have never known it, had he not shared that.  He was only 24 years old when that happened, but he had not one detection of remorse.

John said life has been good to him.  He was a very tall man, and at the time, he was 75 years old and so very sweet.  He loved to stop by to visit with the nurses.  He loved to tell tales of how his family had come to this country from Italy.  He genuinely loved people.  His voice had such a beautiful melody, whenever he spoke.

A religious man, John was Catholic, and his patron saint was St. Francis of Assisi.  His story came from the fact that was where his family had come from.  He said St. Francis had told him, in a dream, he would lose a limb, because he was a channel for a higher power.

I thought, “Wow, he understood what a vehicle he became.”  When he learned I had been injured in a car accident, John came to visit me.  I was a pedestrian walking my dog.  As I crossed the street to go back to my home, a man went through the stop sign and hit me and my dog.

I saw this happen to me in slow motion, just like in the movies.   My dog was not injured, but she was brought to the ER in a box, in the ambulance with me, and the nurses hovered over her, also.  I had suffered a neck fracture and some bruising.  I was so afraid of the surgery, fearing that I may not walk again.

When John came to visit, he sensed my fear almost immediately.  I witnessed him place himself in an influence that is of high awareness, opening him to the invisible force.  He transformed his own influence to me to assist me to, once again, become a healer, to walk in the path of grace, and to believe.  He told me if he could do it, so could I.

As a channel, you are a wondrous miracle for many to embrace.  John brought me wooden rosary beads, and he told me if we prayed together, I would be fine.  He came to see me every day for two whole weeks, until I was released to go home.

I didn’t see John again for quite some time.  I wondered, out loud, has anyone seen that wonderful man that used to visit the ER nurses so frequently to bring us some cheer?  No one had.

Ten years later, to the day, John reappeared at the ER doors, and he asked, “Where is that nurse named Sue?”  I was the manager by that time and the Trauma Coordinator.  And lo and behold, unbeknownst to me, John was my boss’ father.  John’s son was not only the surgeon that saved my life, but he was my boss!  Small world, isn’t it?

We laughed and we cried.  I reached into my pocket, and I showed him the rosary beads he had given me so many years before.  I carried them with me.

Life moved on, and so did I to other areas of nursing, and we lost touch.  But, there are no coincidences; that much I believe, and I knew someday I would see John again.

I lost my mother one year ago.  On that same day, I nearly lost my own life.  I had an adverse reaction to a medication.  I was hospitalized and unable to see her burial nor to mourn and grieve her with my family, for I was too ill.

My own healing process took some time.  While at home, I retrieved some of the blessings others had given me, and I found those wooden rosary beds.  I smiled and put them in my pocket and remembered John, wondering,”Would I see him again?”

One year later, to the day, John passed.  He was 103 years old.  My husband and I attended his funeral.  It was a beautiful tribute to a long life of this bigger than life man I met so long ago.  And, I saw my mother through his passing.  I felt at peace, because I could share in this tribute.  I was able to mourn; I was able to cry; and I was able to see this angel of a man give to me what I had so missed… closure and the miracle of life and death.

He brought to me, in his own death, my ability to mourn for my mother and understand my loss in the meaningful way I had needed.  Once more John displayed to me the miracle of death, of grief, and of healing.

At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person.  Each one of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us.”  Albert Schweitzer (1875 – 1965) Noble Peace Prize – Winning, Medical Missionary and Philosopher.

Miracles are the gift of life.  We all witness miracles.  We are all miracles as children… wonders and magical.

Miracles come in many ways, and they come in many shapes and forms.  John was my miracle worker.  He helped me cross into the journey of healing I had missed.  He reminded me of the miracle of life and death.  He helped understand how we feel, how we heal and how we move on.

That beautiful man, John, walked me down that path, and he shared with me the miracle of his own passing.  Once again, I felt his presence, and I was grateful for such a treasure.  How powerful this gracious presence was to me.  How grateful I am for the miracles I have been blessed with, knowing this man of God.

They say people come into your life for a reason; and, that reason is a lesson in miracles.

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