May 012017


This past year has definitely been a challenge for me.  I have run into so many headaches.  I assumed going directly into graduate school following my BSW graduation would be tolerable, if not an easy transition to shift into.  What I have learned, and continue to learn, is that was a big lie.

I found out two basic things while learning to be creative.  I learned I reached my level of toleration the moment I graduated with my undergrad degree, and the word “easy” fails to exist in my vocabulary of life.

For this past year, I feel as though I have had to reinvent the wheel so many times.  While initially it appears to be experience with graduate school I am referring, that is not the case.  It is not just my schoolwork.  I had to reinvent and be creative with my way of life with my kids, my husband, and myself.

Let me start with clarifying how I reinvented my schoolwork.  Because I am now in graduate school, my level of education has increased.  As my level of education increases, so does my style of learning.  The manner in which I allowed myself to learn prior to attending graduate school is of no current use to me.

To help me retain and later utilize the newly acquired resources obtained in graduate school, I had to reinvent my style of learning. I had to become more creative in how I retain my newfound knowledge and wisdom.

Where I was once a little worried and concerned about being able to keep up with my fellow classmates, I have learned it is not a race.  I found out quickly we were all there for the same reason.

This time around, the majority of my assignments were group assignments.  Instead of solely depending on myself to get my daily projects completed, I had to reinvent my learning process and learn to rely on others.

As my daily routines progressed, I realized the same held true for my relationship with my twins.  My way of life with my kids is an ever-changing process.  For every year they get older, there is another tool or resource I have to gain to interact with them better.  This year was no exception to the rule.  Our twins are 16 years of age!  As they go through their teenage crises, everything I thought I knew was thrown out the window.

I had to reinvent my style of parenting and become a little bit more creative in my approach with our twins.  Instead of reaching them on the level of admitting things were the same for me when I was growing up, I have to keep that to myself and allow them to feel as though what they are going through is special in their own right.

Did I ever tell you all how special my hubby is?  My hubby is best man I could possibly be married.  While there is no such thing as a problem-free, perfect marriage, I would not change mine for anything in the world.  I was once told men are from Venus and women are from Mars.  It was further explained to me that a man thinks in linear proportions why a woman sees things in the form of a circuit card.

When those times arise where Somerville and I just can’t seem to see eye-to-eye, or to be on the same wave-length, it is then I realize I have to be a little creative in how we communicate with each other.   Although I know I am right in everything, I sometimes allow him to think he is somewhat right.  That’s creativity for you.

In regards to reinventing the wheel for me, that tasking is a little bit more challenging as well as serious.  I have come to realize that although I acknowledged a year or two ago it is okay to be me, with everything I have going on in my life; I am finding it a little hard to do me.  The things that used to bring me relaxation or peace of mind no longer seem to exist.

With the many different stressors going on for me, I am finding I have to find different ways to relax and different ways to do me.  I have learned I have to be creative in finding new ways for me to relax.

Creativity is defined as the ability to think of new ideas.  Whether it is using your imagination or other resources, when one is creative, they are coming up with a different approach to a particular task.

Creativity, for me, keeps my life moving and revolving.  Not a moment goes by that I am not utilizing new skills to overcome daily taskings.  The reason why I am sharing this part of my life with you is because I would like everyone to know that creativity exists in all of us.

Instead of breaking down and allowing problems to take charge, utilize your time and creativity to come up with a better solution.

Doretha Yvette Somerville is a native of Brooklyn, New York, and she currently resides in Fort Bragg, North Carolina.  She is a mother of 5, wife, veteran soldier, Social Worker and a full-time student attending Fayetteville State University working towards her Master’s degree in Social Work with a Concentration in Mental Health and Substance AbuseContactFacebookInstagramLinkedInTwitter

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