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Beauty has become important to me, particularly in everyday moments.  For example, I prefer to drink from a goblet.  My current one has a quite feminine shape, curvy waist and all.  Water, iced tea, juice or wine, I just like the way it looks and feels to me.

My intentional selection of a particular vessel by which to imbibe is symbolic, since sometimes I look at the structure of my life as a cup.

My body, and the cumulative soul experience contained therein, is my vessel and the form that accepts, enacts and contains the force of my life experience.

WVM October 2013 Cristina Image 3I live a rich and varied life and suspect you do as well.  I find it exciting to create my world so it supports that reality.  One of the best ways I know to live an extraordinary life is by emptying my cup when it achieves fullness.

When my cup becomes full with a section of life experience, there is nothing more relieving than to empty it.  Sometimes I feel full to overflowing with the things I learn and discover.

For example, I was having lunch the other day with a friend and he began talking about the book he is writing.  As he started speaking about his project, he began listing all of the experts that came before for him and all of the other business self help books available now.

He had come to the point where he wasn’t even sure he wanted to pursue his vision of writing this book, because there was so much good information already out there.

At the end of his story he came around to where he reaffirmed his conviction to manifest his vision, but he did so a bit less strongly than he had at the start.

I totally related to what he said.  I have felt the exact same way.  I have walked into a bookstore on an inspired research mission excited to check out what is out there in my field.

I looked at titles, saw some great books, and then wondered why in the world anyone would ever care about another book on this topic.  Then, I felt totally deflated upon walking out of the store.

I felt that sense of futility once the ‘getting realistic about manifesting my dreams’ portion of the process came along.  I was able to talk myself out of it after awhile, though it was tricky at the beginning to not buy into it.

What broke the pattern on that was the one day I went shopping with another friend.  I told her the story of my bookstore dilemma, and she said she experienced exactly the same thing.

What she did then was go home and look in her bookshelf and realize she had bought a number of books on exactly the same topic on the quest for the aha moment.

When she told me her story, it helped me get over it.  When I told my other friend this story, his eyes lit up with acknowledgement.  The exchange had somehow bonded us.

The life experience in our cups had been filled and emptied.  This is just a small example.

A bigger example is when you’ve achieved some level of expertise in an area and the best way to grow is by passing it along via some form of mentoring, be it writing, teaching, performing or whatever other means works for you.  This empties your cup so you may fill it again with the next generation of experiences.

By the way, it doesn’t matter what your cup looks like, only that is one of your choosing.  At many a party, mine has been a plastic cup. It’s really all about intention.

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