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By Leah Bolden & Karen DeVenaro

There are some tasks around the house that require very little effort for a very big reward, and believe it or not, replacing a broken bathtub shower diverter is just that!  Don’t you find it annoying when you turn on the shower and half the water comes out of the tub spigot and goes to waste down the drain?  Most of us have dealt with this little plumbing annoyance at some time or another.

The thing is, many people don’t realize how incredibly easy it is to fix the problem once and for all. Stop wasting water and start enjoying showering again!  No need to hire a plumber here, even the beginning DIY-er can easily accomplish this task on her own in about 30 minutes.  Check out how easy it is to do it yourself and save money!


Leah Bolden is the co-founder and master craftswoman of See Jane Drill, an online resource center offering free video tutorials on home repair specifically for beginner DIY enthusiasts. She has over 30 years’ experience in the construction industry. ContactWebsiteFacebookTwitterHow-to-Guides

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