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Layne Dalfen - Soul

It makes sense that I have always been so fascinated by dreams and their meaning.  I have great dream recall and have been discussing them since I was a child, long before I knew we are problem solving in them.

I first learned we are problem solving in my early twenties, during therapy with a brilliant Freudian psychoanalyst.  Since I am not your half way kind of person, I was so taken with the subject I went on to study how Fritz Perls looked at dreams.  Then I was on to Alfred Adler and Carl Jung.

I also became a member of the International Association for the Study of Dreams, where I found a host of people who look at dreams from practically every perspective you can imagine!

My book, Dreams Do Come True; Decoding Your Dreams to Discover Your Full Potential was published fifteen years ago.  Since then, I have tried various ways to get the message out to the general public on the unbelievable wealth of information available to us every morning.  And, it is there for the taking, free of charge, and from you!

A few months ago, I passed by my husband Andy, who was watching a video on YouTube.  The man on the screen completely caught my attention.  He was just a guy, sitting on his living room couch, talking to the camera.  There was no fancy set.  He wasn’t discussing a subject I am interested in; and yet, he caught my attention.

I don’t know how, but it was a moment that spawned an idea.  How many times and tries have I done over the last twenty years, through explanation, to tell people how valuable dream analysis is?  Countless!

I had never thought of actually showing people how it happens.

“That’s it,” I said.  “I’m 65.  I am going to take a last kick at the can to get the incredible news about how to propel your problem solving skills to the public by SHOWING everyone how to do it!”  Okay… so, Andy looked at me a bit funny, but Andy often looks at me funny!

So began my idea of the Free Dreaminar.  I do both individual and group Dreaminars and both are FREE.  An ‘Individual Dreaminar’ is when the dreamer and I have a one-to-one dream analysis session.  It is then uploaded on to my YouTube channel.  I hope you will subscribe!  Here’s a link for you: The Dream Interpretation Center on YouTube.

While I am a person who loves to look deeper into a dream, I am a first things first kind of woman.  At the first level, the dream is always about something that either happened to you or something you thought about yesterday.

We are thinking in our dreams.  In fact, the dream is you having a discussion with yourself about a very specific current situation in your life you are attempting to come to a conclusion about.

What I do is help the dreamer name the current life situation that triggered the dream.  Once we know what issue the dreamer was discussing with themselves in the dream, we can look back at the metaphors and discover the solutions presented there.

Watching a Dreaminar allows the viewer to see the whole thing unfold, right there in front of you.  It is a learning experience.

While I work with dreamers individually, and have conducted many dream groups, doing all this through a Google platform and filming it all, is very new to me.  If I thought the technical aspects of filming a Dreaminar is foreign to me, then there’s the marketing!

Basically, even though I’m an old hand at dream analysis, this whole experience has been, so far, quite intimidating.  Oh well. Lucky I have never let feeling intimidated by something new stop me!  I hope you won’t either!

Here’s the link to Randolph’s Trump Dream.  I am so lucky I had the opportunity to work with Randolph, who turned out to be a very intelligent and forthcoming fellow.  He made his dream’s meaning come alive!

Individual Dreaminars run around 18-20 minutes, and I promise you, dreams that start out sounding weird always make perfect sense once you understand their meaning.

Layne Dalfen founded The Dream Interpretation Center in Montreal in 1997.  A published author, she is a nationally recognized radio and television dream expert.  She offers individual consultations, lectures at Concordia University in Montreal, writes articles, and has given workshops at spas such as Canyon Ranch, and Old Stone Farm in the United States, and Rancho La Puerta in Mexico. Please use her Contact link to book Layne for speaking engagements.   ContactWebsiteFacebookTwitterLinkedInBooks

Photo Credit – CCO Creative Commons