Cindy Yates - CommunityCindy YatesGot Your 6 Connections – Living the military lifestyle involves a lot of factors not necessarily seen in civilian lives such as the deployments, PCS moves, spouse employment, education, childcare, health care, and even resources needed for the hurting active military member.  Are you a military family or know one that is?  Do you know the resources available for the military family and where to go to find them?  As a seasoned military spouse, Cindy will pull together many reliable resources to assist during the stressful times and the not so stressful times as well as keep you up-to-date on the many changes coming our way through Congress and the Pentagon.  This column is for the “newbie” or the seasoned spouse, and together we will navigate the journey.

MiMi Zannino - CommunityMiMi ZanninoWhat’s Stopping You? – Are you puzzling through daily concerns, particularly those associated with road-blocks, or obstacles separating you from realizing your goals, dreams, and aspirations? Sometimes the answer or awareness is right under our nose, and we simply need a neutral, objective pair of eyes to help us see our situation with greater clarity. MiMi is a writer and teacher with degrees in English and Sociology from Johns Hopkins and Towson University. Her mid-life career led her back to school and clinical training as a licensed massage therapist specializing in pain and stress reduction. The eldest daughter of eight, she grew up being the ‘go-to’ person for fast solutions within a busy household. She blends age and experience with compassion and quick insight. So, tell MiMi your situation and get her practical, efficient, no-nonsense advice. Then, take it or leave it, as you see fit.

Sharon Rainey - CommunitySharon E. RaineyThe Ripple Effect – The impact of connecting with one another can be profound.  Author of Making a Pearl from the Grit of Life Sharon Rainey illustrates the numerous ways our decisions and behaviors affect those around us.  We do make a difference in others’ lives on a daily basis – by what we do and what we choose not to do.  She shows us the miracles, big and small that happen as a result of our willingness to open up our hearts and share our journeys with each other.  Sharon is the Founder of Neighbors Foundation whose primary project is sending care packages to the troops in Afghanistan.  She also created as an online network for local communities.

Tracie Rampley - ImpactTracie RampleySupport Community Be-Cause it Matters – Whether it is about children, education, animal welfare, disaster and humanitarian relief, human rights, heath, or needed social services, community support and awareness often makes the difference in understanding the issue, funding for research and helping to bring meaningful resolutions to the forefront.  Tracie Rampley is one of those people – she gets involved.  She puts her time, money and effort where she hopes it will do the best good for others.  Tracie believes we can always appreciate life more when we understand more.  She will highlight human interest stories to reflect you are not alone and increase awareness as well as share joys and celebration in making a difference.

Tracy Trypuc - CommunityTracy Trypuc, RN, BSN – Your Health Matters – You have tried Google to get answers, but you need health information you can understand. You have questions. How do I keep my family and myself healthy and safe? Can I trust that the products advertised as good to eat or drink are really what they say they are? When and how should I help someone who is depressed? My family relies on me to take care of them, but how do I do that and still take care of myself? When is the right time to discuss health issues with my family? Who is doing anything to help women deal with their particular health issues? Tracy provides straight, unbiased information on health and safety issues affecting your family in a language you can understand.  She will keep you aware of local, state, and federal legislation that affects you and your family’s personal health and safety.

Tracy Vega - CommunityTracy VegaKeeping You Safe – Would you know what to do if someone were to grab you? Would you get in a car if someone held a gun to your head? Do you know what to do if you or your child is faced with a bullying or cyber-bullying situation? The personal safety of women and children is a topic everyone is interested in knowing more about in today’s world. Join Tracy, Co-Founder of Simple Self Defense for Women, an award winning company that promotes the personal safety of women and children with a focus on how to prevent, avoid, and ESCAPE an attack, threat, or abduction, as she shows us how safety can be simple. She has appeared on numerous popular radio and television shows as well as being a top speaker at many colleges, companies, organizations, and associations.  Tracy is here to help!

Yoland Snipes - CommunityYolanda Snipes100 Seeds for 100 Fields – We have all heard the saying, “You reap what you sow.” What if your intended harvest was making a difference in 100 lives by encouraging voluntarism and setting an example of planting seeds of community awareness and accountability?  Christian media personality Yolanda “Cookie” Snipes provides a voice for the social needs and challenges within the many facets of society.

Read along as Cookie presents her “100 Seeds for 100 Fields” mission working in a New York television show, eLation Magazine, the play FACE of the Homeless, the charities Feed the Homeless Tour and TeenAngel Society as well as her free consulting in community business development and creating school partnerships for Title I Schools.


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Juracy Soares-Johnson - LifeJuracy Soares-Johnson – Las Mujeres en Latinoamérica Actualmente – Las mujeres en Latinoamérica han mantenido el rol de cuidadoras durante siglos. Conforme más mujeres latinoamericanas encaran día a día los retos y las emociones encontradas al dejar a sus familias para trabajar fuera de casa, los sentimientos de culpa y remordimiento comienzan a establecerse en muchas de ellas. Están tan acostumbradas a dejar de lado sus deseos y necesidades, que les es muy fácil olvidar y perder su Verdadera Identidad Interior. Juracy discutirá los clichés que son sombra para la mujer latinoamericana evitando que ellas tengan éxito, tales como la “damisela desamparada que el caballero macho viene a salvar”. Trataremos además, otros temas pertinentes a las Mujeres Latinoamericanas como el de las Tradiciones de las que no nos podemos liberar, Cómo ser exitosa en cualquier país sin importar tu edad ni tu profesión, El acoso sexual y laboral en el trabajo y Cómo estimular la educación temprana en las niñas latinoamericanas para que se conviertan en grandes científicas e ingenieras, entre otros. (Esta columna estará disponible tanto en inglés como en español.)

Juracy Soares-Johnson - LifeJuracy Soares-JohnsonWomen in Latin America Today – Latin American women have had the role of caregivers for centuries.  As more Latin American women are faced with challenges and mixed emotions about leaving their families to go to work outside their homes, for many, guilt and remorse start to set in.  Many are so accustomed to putting aside their wants and needs, it is easy for them to forget and lose the True Self within.  Juracy will discuss the cliché’s that become a shadow for Latin American women, preventing them from succeeding like being the “damsel in distress the macho caballero comes to rescue.”  We will also be discussing other Latin American Women issues like the traditions we just can’t let go, how to become a successful women in any country no matter your age or your profession, sexual and labor harassment at work, and how to stimulate early education in Latin American girls so they become scientists and engineers, among others. (This column will be available in English and in Spanish.)

Matuli Madhusmita Swain - CommunityMatuli Madhusmita Swain India Treats… Culture & Stories – India isn’t just a country; it’s a way of life!  It is a country like no other – every day there is a festival to celebrate, a fast to be kept, or a particular deity to be honored.  Being thrifty is our way of life, yet big, fat weddings are the norm.  Bollywood and cricket binds the nation together where food, language, and customs change every few kilometers.  India has a large youth population, so amidst this cultural diversity, there are winds of change blowing ever so softly!  Discover the magic of India with Matuli, as she connects you to interesting stories and snippets of all the fun and magic that is India.  After all, good things are meant to be shared.

Sarah Pavlou - EconomySarah Pavlou – International Women in Business (IWIB) – In today’s world of technology; borders are no longer barriers, cultures are an inspiration and learning ground for change and growth, industries carry cross functional and transferable skills and the scope for international business is endless.  Sarah Pavlou, Founder of the non-profit organization International Women in Business shares the essential steps and skills required for working on both a national and international level; whilst emphasizing the importance of Getting Connected and Teaming Up to build a quality and resourceful network that provides a wealth of personal and professional opportunities.  If you have a desire to work overseas, open a business in foreign territory, invest in a franchise model for global expansion of your existing business or start your own business from home, follow Sarah’s WVM column.  “Communication is Key, Connections require Commitment, and Results require Relationships” says Sarah.