Barbara Eber-Schmid - DigitalBarbara J. Eber-SchmidDigital Pulse – We all live in a digital (electronic-based) world now whether we love it or hate it.  Living in this digital world can be wonderful and connective at times.  At other times, it can be overwhelming and confusing to say the least.  As the fast paced “Digital Pulse” of the world evolves so will the need to evolve our knowledge and understanding of digital topics.  This includes social media, mobile, video, the Internet, and communication in general.  Here is a look at what every women needs to know and focus in on from (NMI) New Media Institute’s Executive Vice President and Co-Founder Barbara Eber-Schmid.

Keasha Lee - DigitalKeasha LeeContently Creative – Are you a business owner or individual who is awesome at what you do but struggle with translating your genius into content to share with your audiences?  If you’re grasping for the right words or to identify the best tools to use to let the world know who you are, follow Keasha Lee, CEO of Striking Statements, LLC each month.  Her digital advice offers clever ideas and game changing tips to produce high quality and engaging information perfect to use in your online videos, blogs, and social media networks. We all have statements to make. Let’s make yours striking.

Rick Itzkowich -DigitalRick ItzkowichThe LinkedIn Guy – Are you looking for a job right now or to change careers?  Do you own a small business and use the Internet in your strategic marketing plan?  Are you considering taking your business international and looking for contacts in specific countries?  Maybe you want to simply increase your personal brand presence and professional network.  Are you ready… to get on LinkedIn and haven’t a clue why it would be good for you or your business?  Are you on LinkedIn and not sure what to do with it?  Some social media are now daily activities for us like fun Facebook posts or maybe quick Twitter announcements, but in the professional world, LinkedIn is the global leader with 300 million users, adding 2 members per second.  It is available in 20 languages and 200 countries, and it has 3 million business pages and 2.1 million discussion groups.  Rick Itzkowich aka “Rick I – The LinkedIn Guy” jars his audience awake with the far-reaching potential behind LinkedIn by sharing his videos full of “how-to’s and insider secrets” to create the brand of “YOU” from the basics of setting up a powerful profile to how to use LinkedIn to give and get endorsements and recommendations or to triple the number of referrals you give and receive.  If you’re on LinkedIn, you’ll learn how to step up your involvement; and if you’re not on LinkedIn, you’ll understand why you need to get started today!

Dr Robert Schmid - DigitalDr. Robert SchmidCyber Security in a Digital World – Most people surf the Internet, download files, share links, view, research, and text without really thinking about, let alone completely understand, how the digital tools they are using actually share and expose their lives. Are you one of these people? Dr. Bob Schmid, Founder of CyberSecure Technologies and 30 year IT professional, experience ranges from work with the CIA, 9/11 related recovery issues, anti-terrorism issues, and corporate and personal internet security.  He gives us practical, easily implemented, relevant, and either free or now cost tools and tips to avoid the pitfalls of being part of the digital world and ways to protect ourselves. For WVM’s business readers, he will address some of the scenarios faced in running your business effectively and securely. For those who are casual users of tech, he will provide reasonable precautions you can take to keep your real life safe and secure from the predators in the digital world. And for everyone, Dr. Bob keeps things as easily understood as possible.

Sherri Ross - DigitalSherri RossNever Ever Post Drunk – Social media has been in the forefront of communications for the past decade and is constantly evolving. What tools should you use to grow your ideas and why?  Funny gal and social media maven Sherri Ross helps you navigate through the maze with tips, tricks, and quips on issues, best practices and news on social media trends.  Sherri waits until her column is done to have a cocktail, but she hopes you have one as you are reading it.  Don’t post the photo though!

susan-almon-pesch-digital-r1Susan Almon-PeschBuzz for Your Biz – Have you ever wondered how businesses get featured in online and offline publications like Glamour, Coastal Living, The Gift Insider, San Diego Magazine, Business First, Inc 500, The Funky Monkey, Kiplinger’s and on and on? Or, maybe you read about one of your colleagues winning an award. How did she get recognized for accomplishments you too have achieved? All of the above media coverage was orchestrated. It didn’t just happen overnight. PR expert Susan Almon-Pesch will show you the ropes on how you can create your own in-house public relations department. She will walk you through how to announce your news to local media, bloggers, trades and chamber organizations, as well as to the world via online services like PRWeb, Online PR Media and more. Susan will teach you PR Basics from start to finish and inspire you with success stories. Take your business buzz to the media streets… where reporters and customers will help you spread the word about your news!