Caprice Smith - Community r1Caprice Smith Uncuffed ~ Behind My Smile – Have you ever felt like you followed the recipe to life and achieved many great things but still felt like you were missing something? Do you find yourself projecting one version of you to the outside world and then quietly crying yourself to sleep at night, because you felt stuck?  If you are a strong empowered woman and you need insight on how to release the handcuffs of your own mental bondage and truly live the life called for you, you must read this monthly article. It focuses on helping women to find and understand their purpose and achieve greatness. Coach and author Smith is a survivor of child abuse, dating, and domestic violence. She is also a seasoned police detective and has investigated hundreds of cases involving rapes, sexual assaults, and domestic violence. She compiles her experiences and unique insight to teach others; because if you are not living uncuffed, you are just not living.

Carole Sacino - EconomyCarole Sacino – Build Your A Game™ – Have you ever experienced that “aha” moment? You say to yourself, “Huh, it was right here in front of me, and I didn’t even know it.” Or, have you wondered why you did something totally out of character and thought to yourself, “Where did this come from?” And, what about those moments when you deserved to be seen, heard, and remembered… and it didn’t work out for you? What did you experience? How did it feel? If you had the opportunity to do it again, how would you choose?

With Carole’s insightful coaching, we’ll explore how to create/recreate awareness of personal power; who you are from the inside out, from your professional brand to your presence. We’ll examine how we show up in the world through “community” and how “common-unity” can fuel our passion and purpose. We’ll discover how we can actively participate in the national economy and leave a legacy for our nation, the world, and future generations.

Debra Bigler - EconomyDebra Bigler – A Lasting Relationship – You & Your Credit Report – We all have relationships that come and go – some friends, some co-workers, and some boyfriends.  One lasting relationship in our life for good or bad will be our credit report.  It’s not always an easy relationship or a positive one, but you don’t have to be stuck with bad credit reporting.  A negative credit report affects your life in profound ways.  It can affect renting or buying a home, getting a particular job or not, paying higher or lower insurance rates, and determining the interest rates on loans and credit cards.  Many women are becoming more aware of identity theft and erroneous items appearing on their credit reports.  The importance cannot be overstated considering negative reporting will affect your credit scores and credit worthiness.  As you may know, financial and retail hacking incidents have been increasing in the news.  Credit repair expert and owner with Prime National Debra Bigler is here to help.  She shares her expertise on all things related to the credit reporting industry.  Read her advice, information, and instruction on having a good credit score and keeping up a positive relationship with your credit report.

Dr Jacqueline Lang - EconomyDr. Jacqueline B. Lang – Power; Leadership, Economics & Politics – Every aspect of women’s lives involves some level of leadership that gives women the power to influence their surroundings.  The ability to identify facts and having the stability to remove emotions from decisions will enable women to make it known, through their quiet, calm confidence and respect that they are the most powerful decision makers about faith, family and their country.  Dr. Jacqueline Lang is a Business Faculty, Business Consultant, International Co-Author and Researcher with a PhD Business, MBA and BA in Communication.  She shows us how women clearly can create vision and change by leveraging our power.

Jerrilynn Thomas - EconomyJerrilynn B. Thomas – Partner, Prospect & Prosper – Would you take advantage of stretching your small business marketing dollar to increase your female customer base by tapping into a network of local businesses geared to women?  Of course!  Jerrilynn B. Thomas has been helping women for 20 years save marketing time and money.  She offers simple yet effective strategies to help women take advantage of online and offline advertising opportunities that were previously out of financial reach.  Her “Main Street Marketing to Women Initiative” will spark collaborative local business relationships between virtual businesswomen and the Main Street companies located in their metro area, so they can find mutually beneficial ways to increase their profits while improving their local economies.

Jerry Mitchell - EconomyJerry R. Mitchell – Bootstrapping – Are you an entrepreneur or have dreams of being one? Do you wish you had someone to mentor you and give you business advice? Described in Fortune Magazine as a serial entrepreneur because of his accomplishments starting multiple successful companies, Jerry has a passion for helping companies grow… and helping the people who own them. He has worked in the Fortune 500 world and has been a partner in 12 companies, 8 of which went public or were sold or merged with larger companies. It is Jerry’s belief that “anyone who chooses to can achieve what they want in life, and that includes their business success. Whether you do succeed, easily, happily, and promptly, depends on just two factors: YOU and what you acquire to support you.” His Bootstrapping WVM column and bootstrappingjrm company newsletter offer an extensive and growing range of informative articles and practical solutions to help you in starting, growing, and managing your business.

Julie Bauke - EconomyJulie Bauke – It’s Your Career, Rock It – Career Strategist and Chief Career Happiness Officer Julie Bauke believes in you, even though you’ve likely never met. Regardless of where you are in your career, there is always opportunity to be more fulfilled, more effective and just “career happier”? So why is that we rarely think about or take action in our careers and jobs until we are just plain miserable, or worse, out of work? In this column, Julie will inspire you, educate you and give you the kick in the seat of the “career pants” that we all need from time to time. And you know the author of a book called Stop Peeing On Your Shoes- Avoiding the 7 Mistakes that Screw Up your Job Search is going to make you laugh as well.

Lori Boyle - EconomyLori Boyle Begin Where You are Now – Do you want to reinvent yourself? Or, follow your long held passion?  Do you wonder how other women have accomplished it?  Are they smarter than you, more talented than you, more creative than you, or just better than you?  No, they most definitely are not.  Every person has their own talents, and each person has their own path.  Lori Boyle had a dream to be a pilot, and she started pursuing it at the age of 15.  She became an International Airline Pilot operating the Boeing 747 and MD-11 Heavy Jets in America, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and South America.  Through her radio show interviews, Lori and her guests will show you how to take the small steps to make your big dreams come true.  Where did they begin? What steps did they take?  Where are they now?  Be inspired by their success, and know you “Begin Where You Are Now” to meet your own goals in life.

Lynda Colter-Bergh - EconomyLynda Colter-Bergh – Bottom Lines – There are numerous and varied lines that run through our lives.  They are patterns, truths and principals.  Bottom lines are woven from facts, human consciousness, lessons to be learned and teachings to be taught.  As we come together to build businesses, these lines merge into cultural, practical, economical and ecological lines.  They are all influenced by and impacting our world at micro and macro levels.  Highly successful business consultant Lynda Colter-Bergh looks at connecting the dots and following them to see the patterns.  Unlike measurable facts, she believes truth is based on personal observations, experiences and positions.

Marcia Zidle – Build CAREER POWER & Keep it! – What’s your career dilemma? Do you see yourself in any of these career positions? Are you an ambitious manager or professional wanting to advance, a perplexed career changer who needs to figure out what’s next, or a recent graduate who wants to jump start your career? Maybe you’re in a new position and want to make a significant impact in the first 100 days, or you’re someone starting your first job search ever, or you’re looking for a new job for the first time in years. What you do today directly influences your career in 3, 5, or even 10 years! Marcia Zidle is a board certified executive and career coach to professionals, new leaders, managers, and executives assisting them to reshape, revitalize, reposition, retool or rebound their careers. She’ll highlight how to leverage your strengths, your experience, and your brand to develop greater career security in this insecure world of change, challenge, and competition. You will learn to market yourself, be a better boss, navigate corporate politics, influence others, get your career back on track, and increase your personal confidence, commitment, and competency to take advantage of change before it takes advantage of you! Start taking control of your CAREER POWER today!

Monica Julian - Girls Just Want to Have FundsMonica Julian – Girls Just Want to Have Funds – If you’re like many people, you’re in the dark about your finances. You pay your bills each month and do your best to prepare for the future. But the truth is, there’s only so much money to go around, and preparing for the future can be overwhelming.  Financial expert Monica Julian is here with practical step by step plans and helpful tips on how to get on the road to financial success.  Her topics will include debt elimination, education funding planning, and retirement to name a few.  We will also learn about today’s financial issues, how they affect middle income families across America, and how you don’t have to live with money worries.  Monica wants women to stop worrying and start living.  She is here to help with financial therapy!

Robin Anderson - Economy r2Robin Anderson – A Single Mom’s Funny Path to Success – Are you a single mom dreaming of a successful life that includes being a great mom and having a career and not just a job too?  Do you wonder if you’ll ever get there?  It’s amazing how resilient you can be when you need it the most. Follow Robin, a financial institution Vice President, as she tells you about her failures, the laughter along the way, how she pushed through the bad times to propel into a fabulous and exciting career. If you have ever felt trapped and had no upward movement, you will gain a lot of insight to take an impossible situation to a whole new level. Robin wants to give back and help others who either lack confidence to succeed or do not understand how to move forward and create their own opportunity. And, believe her; it’s not going to come to your front door!  Robin kept her sense of humor through it all, and she’ll have you laughing as she shares her journey to success… one she knows you can make too.