Anne Schaeffer - EnjoyAnne ShaefferAnnie’s Nom Noms – Have you ever experienced true food bliss – the kind of happiness that is only achievable during those few moments of sensory nirvana when all you think about is the deliciousness of each bite? Were you so involved in your food even people near you can tell how much you are enjoying your meal by the tell tale “nom nom” sound you inexplicably mumble as you chew?  Yeah, me too!  Anne Shaeffer, an accomplished graduate of Chicago’s French Pastry School and Founder of the luxury chocolate bar company Sulpice Chocolat, wants to share more of those moments with you. I bet you can’t wait to try her recipes and follow her tips on enjoying life through baking and cooking up everyday delights!

Debbie Duke - EnjoyDebbie DukeIn Good Spirits – After a long, physically or mentally exhausting day of work or during your day off—whether alone, with friends, companions or family— what could be better than sipping on a delicious craft beer or glass of wine packed with complex aromas and flavors? What could be more relaxing than your taste buds doing all of the work, allowing only your taste perception to take over while you relish in the delightful characteristics of great beer and wine?  Debbie Duke, an experienced brewery and wine bar manager, is passionate about spirits of all varieties and from all over the world. She has been researching, tasting and enjoying various styles as a hobby and as an occupation for years. Debbie enjoys and is eager to share unique and savory beer and wine styles, their origins and the foods that compliment them the most! Join her “In Good Spirits” as she explores the world of  good spirits.

Larry Lacy - EnjoyLarry LacyEye of the Beholder – When you pull out an old photo album, do the pictures make you smile, have you missing someone, or have you remembering a fun vacation or important event in your life?  When you go to an art showing or museum and stare at photography art, does it evoke emotions in you and your imagination?  Are you somehow inspired by these images, whether ones of familiarity or of something new captured by the photographer’s eye?  Photographs make you feel something, sometimes personal and sometimes universal.  When you look at some, you slip into their depths and experience a deep relaxation.  Others may inspire new levels of creativity or passion in you.  Sometimes a photograph can bring great joy or introspection.  The truly interesting thing is what one person experiences may be completely different than the next.  Professional photographer Larry Lacy invites you to travel with him as he uses his camera as a kind of microscope to examine the nuances that make our world so fascinating.

Libby Hellmann - EnjoyLibby Fischer HellmannBackstories – Everyone loves a story — and this is the place to discover them. Backstories will help nurture your soul, spirit, and intellect.  We take a look at  the power of stories and how they affect us individually, jointly, and as a society.  Backstories will focus on the books and films that bring enjoyment to a women’s life with accomplished film industry, broadcast and public relations professional, and noted novelist and crime mystery writer Libby Hellmann.  She will focus stories that you might have come across recently as well as stories from years ago that are still relevant today. Enjoy, suggest, and interact, for we are looking to you to tell us your story too!

Louisa Graves - EnjoyLouisa GravesHollywood Beauty Secrets… For Budget-Savvy Gals – In this confusing world of over-priced skin care and costly laser treatments, it’s difficult to know what REALLY works. World class ‘age-proofing’ expert Louisa Graves can help stop the madness with her scientifically proven, do-able age-defying tips. She is a doctor-recommended author of two popular books and remains at the top of her game as a celebrity body parts model in Hollywood.  She has spent years researching and formulating THE most powerful health and beauty products on the planet. She recommends products that are free of parabens and synthetic ingredients, so they don’t mess with our health or our hormones. And, best of all – the products she shares won’t break the bank!  Louisa will reveal how you can *identify and avoid toxic grooming products * make your own beauty recipes * make healthy household cleaning products * halt aged-looking skin * address acne, rosacea, age spots and sun damage * banish puffy eyes and dark circles * stop thinning hair * reverse cracked heels * ignite fat-burning * naturally uplift mood * reduce stress * conquer cellulite * build bone-density * enjoy uninterrupted sleep * detoxify your body, and much more. In addition, you will be privy to doctor-quality skin and body care items at bargain prices. Louisa is your go-to beauty gal.

Mallory Sills - EnjoyMallory SillsYour Personal Stylist & Image Consultant – When you look good, you feel good and you do good!  Too often we don’t make looking good, and feeling good about it, a priority as we all juggle multiple roles day-to-day.   It’s time to give yourself permission to enhance your confidence and celebrate you no matter your age, size or budget!  Image is personal.  It’s emotional, and it’s your way of speaking to the world without saying anything.  If you received one compliment a day on how you represent yourself – how would that make you feel?  Have fun with NYC Fashion Institute of Technology Certified Image Consultant and Stylist Mallory Sills as she shares her image enhancing expertise on trends, style and shopping for casual, professional and special occasions.  She’s a graduate of the Illinois Institute of Art and has worked alongside the best in the business including Zanna Roberts Rassi of Marie Claire magazine and Stacy London from TLC’s hit show “What Not to Wear.”

Nikki Martinez - EnjoyNikki MartinezBreaking Up the Noise – There are so many choices when it comes to music nowadays, so how do we control the chaos? Well, hopefully through some digging and a ton of listening, professional DJ Nikki Martinez can help you decipher what’s a beautiful tune and what is just noise!  She will give you the in on new artists and good music to enjoy while you are driving, working, doing things around the house, just relaxing and everything in between.