Carol Michel - HomeCarol MichelMusings from May Dreams Gardens – Gardening tips, tales, and secrets for gardeners of all walks of life with lifelong gardener and noted gardening writer and speaker Carol Michel.  Her degree in Horticulture and her sense of humor converge on gardening topics ranging from vegetable gardening to garden blogging and the wisdom of old gardening books.

Dawn Trimble - Home 720x260Dawn Trimble, ASIS, LEED AP  An Inspired Space – Professional tips, suggestions and inspiration toward making your homes and workspaces reflect who you are in a beautiful and functional way regardless of budget.  Dawn Trimble is a daughter, sister, friend, wife, mother, writer and award-winning Atlanta designer who believes inspiration can be found in the everyday-ness of the everyday. She shows you how comprehensive design at its best can be quite a sensual experience – calling attention to sight, sound, taste and touch – all the while enhancing the way you live your daily lives and helping you to create “An Inspired Space.”

Kat Kanavos - HomeKathleen (Kat) O’Keefe-KanavosHealthy Quickie Cooking for Busy People- Do you wish you had more time to cook healthy meals? Whether you are rich and famous or just making ends meet you have to eat. When crisis management and lack of time take precedence in your life, cooking can become a laborious chore. After all you’ve endured during your hectic day, including a cranky belly from stress; you need a belly-pleaser cooking column that meets your needs, and time restrictions. Kat makes it easy for everyone to prepare healthy food: the building block for emotional, physical and mental health. The how-to videos are dedicated to everyone in crisis, especially women raising their families alone. Not only do they bring home the bacon, they cook it, too! I want to make cooking easy and fun for you. This multi-media column is from Kat’s TV cooking series and cookbook written during her cancer treatments. It will help you cook a meal in fifteen minutes or less, and includes caloric and nutritional information.

Leah Bolden - HomeLeah BoldenSee Jane Drill – Have you ever wanted to fix or build something in your home, but didn’t even know how to use the tools required for the job? See Jane Drill is the place for you. We provide a visual learning experience through how-to DIY videos on home improvement and auto repair. Information includes step-by-step instruction in how to complete each job, as well as how to use the tools shown, and all safety precautions you should take to feel comfortable and safe in completing any home improvement task. Topics include carpentry, electrical, plumbing, flooring, finishing trades, and tools usage. Enjoy a video presented by a skilled expert with a friendly, encouraging, handywoman-next-door style. Learn how much money you can save by doing-it-yourself. What are you waiting for? As we like to say at See Jane Drill, “You can do this!”

Monica Hagen - HomeMonica HagenArt in Your Life – Often when someone mentions “art,” we think about fine art such as paintings or sculptures, but the label includes much more. Art is all around us and makes life more pleasurable. Everything you wear and put into your home is art, created and designed by humans. Good art enhances our lives, and knowing how to use art heightens that enjoyment. A lifelong artist with a master’s degree in education, Monica Hagen has taught art to all ages, in public school classrooms as well as at her former art center/gallery.  Her art includes photography, drawing, painting, wire-wrap jewelry, film, directing and co-producing two documentaries, writing books, and editing dozens more.  Make life better through art! What will you be moved to create and/or display?